Exclusive Q&A: The Overcoming Project ‘Determination’

Exclusive Q&A: The Overcoming Project (Melbourne, Metal) ‘Determination’ Feat. Mike Heller of Fear Factory

Melbourne soloist The Overcoming Project is a deeply personal endeavour about Dr. Mike Trubetskov’s journey navigating immigration, a Doctorate degree, Type I Diabetes and discovering his passion for metal music production. We sat down with Dr. Trubetskov to get an insight on the man behind this psychedelic metal machine.

What’s your name and position in the band?

I am Dr. Mike Trubetskov, Guitarist, Composer and Producer at The Overcoming Project.

Which genre(s) do you feel best represent your band?

We do Melodic Metal, Groove Metal and Psychedelic Metal (that one I kind of invented haha!)

What was your favorite thing about writing, recording and filming the latest release?

Composing and recording “Determination” was a blast as it just flew off so organically and easily. It is the least challenging track for me to play and such it was on the recording day. Songwriting-wise, I remember sitting on a train to Dandenong Ranges for a walk and just being carried away with my self-reflective thoughts that I just spilled into the lyric lines of the track. These remain pretty much unchanged.

What is your favorite part about touring?

Favourite part about touring is meeting new (and old) friends and just experiencing this insanely friendly energy that pumps and feeds us all musicians!

In an alternate universe where you are not a Musician, what kind of activities would you be interested in?

I would definitely do some creative business activities if I wasn’t a musician and music professional. I have an enormous passion of giving and helping like-minded people and that would carry through endeavours in any field, really.

When did you pick up your first instrument?

I started playing piano when I was 5, and I picked guitar at the age of 15.

Did your school have a supportive Music Department/Teachers? 

As I originate from Moscow, Russia, I was given a choice to attend so-called “music school” – which is apparently quite a serious educational program. I stayed there for 8 years on top of my regular school, focusing on playing piano and classical music. It was tough but I am forever grateful to receive a foundation of my musical knowledge which I apply today.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals? 

As I play with Hybrid Nightmares now, we avoid intaking food for about 6-8 hours before the show, and we do put up corpse paint that keeps us in check and locks the mood in. When I played with Gift Of Madness, we didn’t have anything like it. I feel like these rituals are actually a big part of getting in the zone and really feeling the music that you are performing.

What do you think the Music Industry needs right now?

Music Industry needs honesty and true attention of the fans. I am so heartbroken when I see listeners or musicians buying into brands and names and not exploring what’s right in front of them – smaller talents that can give so much more than just big names for the sake of names! Luckily, I can see that the passion for music is stronger than ever so we can expect this growing in the right direction, hopefully.

What’s next for you?

Two more single releases with The Overcoming Project. Touring with Hybrid Nightmares. And just sharing and giving all I can, all that I’ve learnt the hard way, with my music mates and peers indefinitely. Creating music and helping musicians to create their best songs and sounds is my primary life goal.