“F. WAY” INTERVIEW by Keith Clements

Greetings from metalheads forever magazine, how are you guys?

Hi guys, thank you for the interview.

We have little things coming up with a lot of things to do so we are doing great, thanks.

Tell us how the band is evolved and how long you have been making music?

We started our project in late 2015, so we don’t really have a long history behind us.

Me and Rusca, our guitar player, started the project with a friend of us on the bass and a session man on the drums for the first year and a half. Since we had a session man on the drums, at the very beginning our sound was strongly acoustic. We wrote all the songs starting with an acoustic guitar for later evolving to a Band sound. Hopefully since Spring 2017, we found our line-up with a new bass player and a new drummer on the rear back, so I believe that right now we are doing our real evolution in terms of sound. We haven’t changed the approach on the new songs, so we keep on writing with the acoustic guitar, but since we are 4 of us right now, I believe that our sound will be more compact and focused on our way, the F. Way.

Would you like to share something about your home Ticino?

For sure. Just like everyone, I think that we all have our hometown Ticino deep in our heart as well.
Ticino is a small region in the south part of Switzerland with more or less 300’000 people.

It’s well known around Switzerland for being the sunny part of our Country and for this reason, during Summer, we are used to have a lot of tourist travelling to our hometown.

We speak Italian as mother tongue, we have a lot of mountains and as I said, we have a lot of sun.

I do believe that our sound is strongly influenced by our region, mainly by the sun because every time that someone asks me: which emotion do you think you get with your music, I always answer positivity, witch for me belongs to warm colors and hot temperatures.

In October 2015 you won the FOFT music competition, so how do you feel about it?

We are very proud of it actually, mainly because it was our 1st Music Contest and we get to win it.

It’s a Swiss based contest created by a well-known artist in our country, so winning such an important contest for us, was a very positive beginning. We learned a lot from it, we had the chance to meet for the first time a bunch of music producers and of course, we had the chance to put ourselves on the line and expose ourselves.

Ticino is basically an Italian speaking region in the Swiss, so is it hard for you guys when you travel to other cities in Swiss?

Exactly, not everyone knows that in Switzerland we speak 3 languages: German which is the biggest one, French and then Italian, which is spoken only in our region, Ticino.

Most of the concerts that we do right now in Switzerland, are based in Ticino, so we don’t have any problems with the language but for sure, when we travel to other cities in the Swiss German part, it gets tough, also because you can’t really speak in English all the time, otherwise they will see you in a negative way since you are Swiss but don’t speak their language. I got to admit that I don’t really like German and it’s the language that I speak the worst.
I hold myself very lucky because I’m still able to speak 4 languages, so we don’t really have problems when we go in the German part, but to be honest, we have a few concerts next month in the German part of Switzerland and before going to bed, I’m already preparing what to say.

Just kidding, we don’t plan what to say in our concerts.

You guys have made a single and came up with a EP recently, what are your other plans, anything for a full length album?

Yes, last year we came out with our first production and we released 3 singles out of an EP of 4 songs.

We finished one week ago a writing session where we wrote about 20 new songs that we will cream off to find some good new tracks. Normally what we do is very simple, we just see at the end of our skimming how many songs we have left and depending on the number of good songs that we have, we decide if going with another EP or full album, so I’m not really able to tell you right now.

How do you feel about the reception of the band locally and through social media?

I’m really happy with what we have done so far in our region, basically because we have almost done everything we could have done in our region. Thanks to our label and our booking agency, this year we had the chance to travel around Switzerland and other European Countries, such as Ukraine and Germany, but of course we have some plans for reaching other countries too. Concerning social media, I’m not a social media guy, so every night I have my “to do” list for the day after, and I always have to remember myself: have a look at Facebook or other social media.

Despite my non-social media attitude, I’m very happy with the feedback and the followers that we have so far, but as usual, it could always be better!

Thanks for your time, Do you have any message for the fans of the band?

I don’t think we are in a position where we have some special message to say to our fans ahah I would just like to say thank you to everyone who read our interview and hope you guys go check out our music. Metalheads, Thank you for having us.

Keith Clements/MHF Magazine

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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