I met Frankie when Ravenscroft first came out and I got hooked on their album. His guitar is one of the things that stood out the most for me as a fan. We became friends on social media and I recently had the honor of chatting with him about his musical career. He is currently working with his new band, Smokin’ Bonez, which you can find on Facebook and on Without further ado, here is my conversation with Frankie Ravenscroft.

How long have you been playing?

I’ve played about 30 years

Who are your inspirations?

Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, Gregory Allen Thomas, Randy Rhodes, Yngwie Malsteen, and Eddie Van Halen.

What was the first band you have played in?

It was an all girl band and I was the only guy. This was in High School. They called themselves The Cherry Bombs because they admired Lita Ford and Joan Jett.

What was your first gig and how old were you?

High School at 16 and I played in a band called Paradox at a High School talent show and we won 1st Place.

frankie-1How did you get involved with Ralph Buso and Ravenscroft?

I had written a bunch of material and I met Ralph on social media through his wife Lisa. I said “What do you think of this?”. I showed him the material and he liked it. I wrote the material and Ralph wrote the lyrics.

What is your favorite song that you have recorded, so far?

Cauldron of Deceit

How many tours have you done so far?

Quite a few, at least 30.

What was your favorite live performance?

That’s a really tough call because I like them all. I love playing The House of Blues.

Tell me about your new band, Smokin’ Bonez.

It’s recent and we are going in a little different direction. We are not trying to be put in a box. It is unique and fresh and we aren’t trying to ride someone else’s coat tails, or sound like anyone else. It is Free-minded thinking music. Every band signed has their own sound.

Are you currently recording and how many songs have you been working on?

Yes, right now, I have about 6-8 songs going on.

When is it due out?

We are still in the studio, so that is a tough call. I want to have it out by October.


You can find samples of Frankie’s material on as well as facebook/Smokin-Bonez . One last place you can find him is at

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