“HIEROPHANT” Interview by Keith Clements

Greetings from Metalheads forever magazine, how are you doing today?

Hey, what’s up? I’m fine thanks. Just getting ready to go to rehearsal.

Can you tell us about the album “Mass Grave” which was released on November 4th of 2016, how successful it has been, and the fan reception of the album?

Since we changed line up and we moved towards a way more extreme and uncompromised metal sound, we were very curious to see what the reception would have been and I have to say we’re very glad and thankful about how people dig into our new record and kept supporting this band even if we’re a new side of what Hierophant was.

The world has gone into the wrong way and the system has been a complete failure leading humanity into the mass grave, the album got a concept and you have made it perfect to let the world know where we are going, can you tell us in detail about it?

The 100% fucked up scenario the whole world is subjected right now brought and inspired us to deal with this topic. The saddest part is this huge unceasing mess is created and lead by human beings. Stupid human beings.

The album has been much heavier and aggressive than the previous ones, I believe “Hierophant” is taking a new path, how do you feel about it and what made this change for the band?

As I said before, we had a big change in the line-up and that represented a BIG new starting point for the band. We just followed up what our roots were. Playing so extreme, heavier and aggressive was our goal and with ‘Mass Grave’ everything just came so smoothly and natural. I guess we never felt so comfortable as we are feeling now.

One of the amazing thing that I noted on the band is the album cover art, the art perfectly matches what you are conveying through the album, Is it a planned thing or it just came all its way?

We had an idea about how the entire imagery would have to look but the greatest credit goes to Paolo Girardi, that perfectly transformed our concepts in reality, painting such a GREAT artwork.

“Hierophant” has always concentrated on the darkness, disease and the society, Is that your motive to spread the news through your songs?

We’re musicians and our songs are the only way we have to express our opinion. The only weapons for ‘fighting’ this war.

How is the metal scene in Italy, do you have enough support for the music you make?

We do have support but i think we could have more. Italy is a weird country, talking in terms of extreme music, and most of the time is cooler talking shit instead of supporting and going to shows. IMHO this makes the scene slowly falling apart and becoming a big battlefield.

Can you tell us why the collaboration of Death and Punk, I don’t see there are many bands that are into this collaboration?

Death/Punk was how we used to label our music but it still fits nowadays as an adjective of what we play and mostly, HOW we play. We all came from punk/hardcore and the savagery, the force and the straightness in playing our music are the very first rules.

As we have stepped into 2017, what are the band’s focus and plans for the year?

Playing and touring as much as possible will be our imperatives.

Thanks for your time, It was really a pleasure to have this Interview with you guys, do you have a message for the fans and readers around the world?

Thanks to you for this nice talking and thanks to everyone constantly supports and believes in what we do. It really means a lot. Keep it evil!

Keith Clements / MHF

Co-Editor, Web & Graphic Designer and Application Developer, Facebook Groups Senior Admin (@serust) at Metalheads Forever Official


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