THE HYPOTHESIS… Modern melodic DEATH from Finland by Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela

The Hypothesis is a modern melodic death metal-act formed during deadly cold winter 2009 in Kouvola, Finland. Nowadays Helsinki-based band swears in the name of heaviness, groove & catchy melodies, still not forgetting the technically played crunchy riffs. Time to find out a bit more… What the hell are these guys up to. Let’s go, Juuso Turkki is waiting !! So honored to have this chance to have a moment with You Juuso.. How are You doing?

I’m doing great actually! Waiting for the next festival in Latvia and Estonia with Swallow the Sun and making new material for the next album. Really excited about the new stuff. It’s gonna be huge, darker and much more epic The Hypothesis-material than before..

Would You tell everyone of us a little about the history of Your band… How and when did You decide to create The Hypothesis and how was the start ?

A good friend of mine Saku Moilanen (The previous keyboard-player in the band/Red Moon Architect) asked me to join his melodic death-project as a singer when we were teenagers. After all I took the duty as a guitar player in The Hypothesis. I came up with name The Hypothesis since I didn’t want to limit our music genre too much and it sounded cool. We can go musically at any direction we want, in the future.

All of You have gained some success in Your previous, different kinds of musical projects, several known bands… How difficult it was to start working as a team instead of just a bunch of strong minded and talented individuals… Was it a real war or… ?

Actually our band has always had a great chemistry and everyone are acting like experienced musicians. Luckily there haven’t ever been any “ego” problems around, haha…

You’ve gained a lot of fans, even around the world, since 2009 when You started to work Your asses off but it took 7 years before Your debut album “Origin” was released… Would You tell us what happened during those years… Hopefully not too many problems ?

Well in a nutshell, there were some difficulties along the way. There were many line-up changes according to different personal life situations. It happens I guess. Our keyboardist/founder (Saku) left the band and I took the role as a bandleader of The Hypothesis. It was the time when our first album were recorded and I continued the whole album production by myself. Nowadays I also do the whole music production from scratch by myself.

How was the reception for that album and what kind of comments did You get ?

The feedback has been great and it was kind of a relief because the album process was so long and painful after all. After the album release we’ve had the pleasure to share the stage with Swallow the Sun, Wolfheart and Whispered. Our concerts have been growing all the time and the audience have taken it really well! Actually there were also few really funny reviews for example video review of the album done by a naked drunk guy on Facebook, hahah..

Listening to Your music always makes me wonder… How the hell is it possible to tie all those different “genres” and musical elements (obviously every member has their influence and opinion in this) to such a tight package ?

Well all the songs on ORIGIN -album are composed by me and they are from the old days before the final line-up changes. We have planned that in the future everyone start making demos and we‘ll see which ones we will take further.

Personally I need to relax every now and then and have absolutely nothing to with metal music, I just put on some 50s happy Rock n roll, maybe go outside to listen to birds singing and watch the sun shining… Do You eat, breathe, drink, shit, live “death metal” 24/7 or do You have that “softer” side too ? How do You relax and just take it easy ?

Kinda same here. I personally need a lot of real silence since I’m doing a lot of the music production all the time. I really like listening to all kinds of genres, for example older movie soundtracks, some softer pop and the list goes on.. Metal still has it’s place on specific days. Many times when there’s some party going on I like to turn up some old metal classics and mosh all the way. It might have some alcohol-included-action involved sometimes..

Tell us a little about Your songwriting process, lyrical themes etc… Where do You get Your inspiration and do You work as a team or… ?

Almost every time I start writing a song with a guitar-riff. I record it right away and start programming drums and synths and so on.. Antti and I are writing the lyrics at the moment. The theme we had on “Origin” were about getting rid of bad old habits and things and embracing the new, better ways of life. The new material we are writing at the moment are going much darker way..

During these years..what have been the most memorable, positive, rewarding moments ?

All the shows we’ve done and all the great people we’ve got to meet of course along the way. One thing that is really amazing every time is when you meet a new fan and you can have a chat with him/her, and the fan tells you WHY he/she loves the music you have made. One of the best moments.

Personally I suck in putting bands and music to different “genres” as You might have noticed… How would You describe Your music Yourself ?

Melodic Death Metal with modern touch and depth with airy synths not to mention death metal vocals. I love making groovy tunes so I guess groove is even stronger with The Hypothesis in the future.

How does the future look like for You guys ?

It really looks great. We have some BIG plans that will be announced later. The future is a lot of writing new darker death-material for the next album and doing a lot of shows abroad. We have great guys in the band and the future looks bright for us at the moment.

News You want to share with us… New material, gigs, dates, maybe even some secrets just between You and me (and maybe over 50000 readers) ?

We have next shows coming up in few weeks in Latvia and Estonia again with our brothers from Swallow The Sun and a mini-tour in Spain. At this point there are so many secrets that can not to be revealed yet unfortunately, but the new material we are currently writing, is much faster, darker, more rhythmic, so stay tuned people…

Any last words (not literally) to people who are reading this, the Family of MHF, Your fans and Your soon to be fans ?

Hey guys, go check our music on Spotify and Youtube and of course if you like what you hear support us by sharing our music or buying the “Origin” -album! See you on shows!



Asko Sartanen: Guitar
Markku “Neissu” Ruuskanen: Bass
Rolf Pilve: Drums
Juuso Turkki: Guitar & backing vocals
Antti Seppälä: Vocals


Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela / MHF Magazine

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