Interview with Abby Gassama from X-METHOD

By Lene Ringsmose


I recently had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with lead singer of X-METHOD, Abby Gassama.

Hi, Abby. Thank you for taking your time to talk to me. Can you briefly describe your music making process?


A lot of the time I have riffs and melodies in my head, so I hum the melody in me voice recorder, until I get back to the studio. Then I make a mock song with a music program. Once the mock song is completed, I send it to the band, and they learn it, and alter stuff here and there to make it better. Once we know the entire song, we go to the studio and record it.


You recently signed to your second label. Tell me a little bit about that.


We just signed with Rock Syndicate, a record label based on the east coast. It’s an honour to finally be with a label that takes care of us, and helps us tour, which is the life line of any metal band.This camp is very hands on, and actually looks out for their bands.


What, outside of music, contributes to your musicality?


Partying, relationships, and the shitty stuff I hear on the news.


What’s a song you’ve written that came out of nowhere?


Woke Up In The Living Room.


 How far would you go for fans?


Pretty much anywhere, unless their government sucks and won’t let us in the country to play, at that point is out of our control. Some of our fans know what country I’m referring to, it will remain nameless, because we love our fans in that particular country, but hate their shitty government.


What has been your favourite venue to play in?


That’s an easy one. Nuclear Bar in Peru.


And what is your dream venue, if you could choose any?


Another easy one. Hammersmith Odeon in London, England. I’ve been a huge Motorhead fan since I was a kid, and that’s one of my most memorable albums and sayings, “NO SLEEP TIL HAMMERSMITH”.


Does your mind ever wonder during shows, or are you 100% focused on the job?

I would like to say never, and I’m fully focused all the time, but there was 1 time that sticks out. We were playing Out Of Control and I got distracted by this kid on his dads shoulders, throwing up 2 devil horns and head banging, he must have been about 4. I was so moved by seeing that, because up until that date a few years back, I have only seen little kids rocking out like that in Iron Maiden or super big bands documentaries, so I was kind of blown away to see someone that young rocking out that hard to us. I came in late on the middle part of the song, by being totally amazed on that kid rocking out to us.


What’s the strangest thing that happened during one of your shows?


An all-female stage diving session, I’ve never seen all girls take over the stage diving before. That was a trip.


Are you playing music for you, or for fame and glory?


Music is my therapy. I write for me 1st, to get things off my chest and everyone else 2nd. Fame and fortune is not something I think of when I write, if it happens great, but definitely not my focal point. Writing good lyrics and songs is what I strive for.


What has been the biggest challenge as a band?


Keeping a solid line up of members that can tour at any time.


What do you do to keep up the spirits in the band?


We drink from the horn!!! Just kidding. Well, maybe not lol. I personally start writing more music, and promoting the band harder. I handle my stress and bad times by working harder and putting the anger into the songs, like I mentioned before, music is my therapy so I’ll never need to go lay on that doctors sofa.

What is your favourite song to perform?




What is the best part of being a musician, and what is the hardest part?


For me personally the best part is playing live shows and seeing people going crazy, head banging, yelling the words back, stage diving and pitting. The hardest part is dealing with thieving ass labels and touring agencies that rip off hard working bands trying to make it in this industry. It’s poseur maggot leeches like them that are killing our industry.


Do you ever wish you had chosen an instrument instead of singing?


Sometimes yes, I wish I played guitar hella good, I always wanted to be a guitarist when I was a kid. I grew up in school bands so I played a lot of instruments, but in high school, when my friends and i would get together to party, we had a friend that used to set up his room like a concert venue, and he had instruments so we would pretend we were Slayer, Destruction, Metallica, Iron Maiden etc. I always wanted to play the guitar when we did these fake videos and fake concerts, but they always made me sing, because I was the guy that knew all the lyrics to the entire albums. I would always complain, I DON’T WANT TO BE THE SINGER, I WANT TO BE THE GUITARIST!, so I got forced into being the singer. It’s funny how life works, because now I’m the singer and I wouldn’t have it any other way, half the time I just bring my mic that fits in my pocket to venues, imagine trying to fit a cabinet and head in my pocket lol. Not going to happen so I’m not complaining anymore about being the singer.


Why shouldn’t girls date rock stars?


Good question. Girls shouldn’t date rock stars/musicians, unless they are willing to accept for the most part that they will always be 2nd to the music. I can’t speak for everyone, but I do know that guys like me that live for music, music is the wife, the kid, the God, and everything else is 2nd. 2 different types of love, this I know, but what else have I loved on this planet since I was 3 years old other than my parents.


What does the future look like for X-METHOD?


We are starting off with a tour in the U.S. in March, kicking off the first night with the metal god UDO, former Accept singer, and the last night of the tour with Warbringer on April 27. And then a Europe tour that kicks off in the U.K. July 7th called Amplified Festival.


Any final words for our readers?


We just want to say thank you to our fans, for supporting and listening over the years, look out for our new EP Apparition Of The Crypt, subscribe to us on YouTube, follow us on Twitter and add us on Facebook….see you in the pit soon! \m/


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