Interview With Alex Camargo of Krisiun

By Keith Clement

I had the pleasure to talk to the front-man of Krisiun Alex Camargo. The death metal band been delivering amazing music to its hardcore fans over the decades and still kick ass. Let’s hear from the band.

The Band:

Alex Camargo : Vocals, Bass

Moyses Kolesne : Guitars

Max Kolesne : Drums


Greetings Alex, I’m happy to welcome you on behalf of metalheads forever magazine, how are you today?


Hey Keith thanks man, doing well, hope all is good with you.


Scourge of the Enthroned is coming soon, how it has all been going?


As heavy as always, the fans will not be disappointed, they get the heaviest as always

Any plans for the year?


After the release we will have some tour here in South America and North America and later we will be touring in some festivals in Europe.


How is the metal scene in Brazil?


The metal scene is a long standing one in Brazil, we have a couple of Festivals, but I feel that is not enough we need to have more and more festivals happening here in Brazil.


This is the first family death metal band I have seen, How did it work for you guys?


Well we don’t want trouble in the band. We wanted to have a strong line-up, usually bands get trouble because of someone leaving the band, being brothers, we will have fight but end of the day we are family, we will get together and the bond is strong, and we all have the same thoughts that is metal.

Krisiun started a few years after Sepultura came into Scene, are you guys inspired by them?


They are one of the best and they are the one who brought Brazil to the world in terms of metal. They are amazing people and have toured with them and friends with them.


What are your thoughts about the All-female Thrash metal band Nervosa?


They are amazing girls, so talented, heard them and I’m so happy that female bands are coming up, I Wish them all the best and they deserve the best.


Do you have any special moment in your concerts that you wanted to share?


Ahh there are a lot brother, especially when we go to Europe we get welcomed by all those beautiful women and in the crowd looking all these women makes us so happy, I’m so glad women are coming to concerts and supporting us.


Do you have a message for the fans and readers of the magazine?


Thanks for the support for years and we are here because of you, please give that support and we will never disappoint you and we will not sell out. Krisiun will metalize you always.


MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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