Ellende was founded in the year 2011 by L.G. as a solo project and turned into a live band with session musicians in 2012. His first effort was a self-released EP named “Rückzug in Die Innerlichkeit” in 2012. The record dealt with existentialism, misanthropy and nature and incorporated classical instruments such as violin and viola, piano and acoustic guitar, defining Ellende’s ambivalent approach combining devastation and despair with hope and beauty.
 The self-titled debut album from 2013 was regarded as Ellende’s first full-length masterpiece in the genre of ambient post-black metal. It was followed by a limited Gatefold vinyl of “Weltennacht” EP in 2014, in which P.F. started to take over studio-drums from then on. In 2016, Ellende released their second full-length named “Todbringer,” which gained major attention in the atmospheric-and post-black metal scene for its unique approach and composition of black metal.
 In March 2019, their third full-length album, “Lebensnehmer,” was published by AOP Records, which reached the Top 100 on the German album charts and was followed by another European release tour.
 Ellende’s 6th record, “Triebe,” was released in January 2021 as limited gatefold vinyl editions (AOP Records, Napalm Records, Bandcamp) and a refined music video of the new adaption of the song “Weltennacht.”
 After 10 years of existence, many live-shows and appearances at major festivals, Ellende’s eagerly awaited 4th full-length album, “Ellenbogengesellschaft,” will be released in September 2022.

September 30 marked the release of the phenomenal album “Ellenbogengesellschaft” Check out the below Interview with LG.

Ich bin
Hand aufs Herz
Freier Fall

The Interview

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, The Head, How are you today L.G.?

Hi Keith! I’m lying on a beach in southern Italy at the moment, I’m doing fine, thanks. Hope you’re good too.

Your 4th album “Ellenbogengesellschaft” is to be out on September 30, Can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the new album?

I really took my time for this one, as I was working on it for over two years and implemented new elements like clean vocals and other stuff. We worked with Klangschmiede Studio E again, which we have already reached out to for our last EP “Triebe”. In case of Ellenbogengesellschaft it was the first time I was just blown away by the mix and didn’t want to change anything.

Was there a concept that was put behind the album?

I try not to repeat myself, so my concept is to find something “refreshing” and some kind of progress in every release. In Ellenbogengesellschaft the lyrical themes are a bit different, and I tried to make the harsh vocals understandable too if you know German. It’s an “in your face” approach, as whether older Ellende output could be seen as more introverted and introspective, especially in the beginning.

I really wanted to talk about the amazing cover art for this album. The artwork is totally amazing. Would you like to tell a bit about the story behind the cover art?

Thanks. It’s a wild boar in a Habsburg setting. It should provide another perspective on humanity, as if evolution went in another direction. An absurd image that’s somehow familiar, the so-called summit of creation.

8 mind blowing Black Metal, the atmospheric ambient is another level in this album, each song is amazingly done, the power, the energy, the vocals, the musicianship is totally awe, how do you feel about the work behind this album?

Thank you for this kind words. I always worry to not explore this “refreshing” feeling I talked about earlier, when writing music. Sometimes it takes several months to get to this point, and I had to learn not to force myself. Anyway, in the end I’m totally happy how everything turned out and it felt like hitting a new milestone together with P.F.

Do you have any release day plans?

Probably cracking a Dosenbier or two.

How is the touring looks for you this year?

Touring is always a struggle for us to be honest for several reasons. Mostly because we are all working in jobs, and everyone has side projects too. We try to focus more on weekenders and festivals and do one “bigger” tour per year. But we’re now part of District 19 and who knows what will happen…

Founded in 2011, how has the road been for you so far?

Of course, people only see the success. It was a rough ride to be honest, but I kept going, no matter what. And shit happened. I always had the feeling the music and art I do is something greater than me, one thing I’m completely sure it makes sense to carry on. Carry on my wayward son. But sometimes I realize where Ellende is now and I’m dumbstruck.

What would be some of the upcoming plans for Ellende?

There’s a lot planned, but I need some time off currently as it was clearly too much to do the last two years and it has overwhelmed me.

Would you like to share some great moments that you had over the years?

One time we drove from Austria to Estonia in one weekend. Two gigs, one in Lithuania and one in Tallinn. It’s crazy what happened on this tour, 4000km in three and a half days. I would never do this again, highly idiotic, but for me as well as my fellow bandmates it’s an urge to tell those stories over and over again. Other than playing live and everything, holding your own record in your hands, ready to release, is one of the greatest feelings ever for me.

What are the songwriting concepts that you generally choose for Ellende?

I think every human being with common sense should experience some sort of misanthropy and anger against the modern world. I won’t ever accept it as it is now. Many people are still good with everything, but I think this is sad because they stopped to care at some point. But beside the person I’m in my “normal” life, Ellende doesn’t provide solutions. It’s pure emotion about what is and what makes life somehow interesting. At least for me.

Talking about musical direction, do you plan to go much darker and go deeper into the roots of Black Metal in the future?

There’s a lot of discussion what the roots even are. I’m not interested in all this stuff. For me, Black Metal is something deeply authentic and that’s why it’s so effective and can completely drown you. Chew it or fuck off! In the case of Ellende there always were these ambivalences of beauty and hope as well as devastation and pain, just like life is sometimes.

Finally what would be the message for the fans of Ellende and the Dark Metal community around the Globe?

Stay true to yourself and enjoy your fucking life. Thanks for having me and all the best!

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