Interview With Boston’s OK Goodnight

OK GOODNIGHT challenges modern prog metal by taking inspiration from a wide array of genres. Based out of Boston, MA, the band formed when they were all studying at Berklee College of Music.

In early 2019, the band released their first single titled “Rapture”. In October of the same year, they released their debut album, ‘Limbo’, with bassist Ron Bernhaut and backing vocalist Elizabeth Hull. On November 13th, 2020, the band released an EP, ‘Under the Veil’, which featured guest performances on bass from Peter de Reyna of Seven Spires and Jacob Umansky of Intervals.

OK GOODNIGHT released their second full-length on June 2nd. ‘The Fox & The Bird’ is a concept album about animals and myths telling the tale of a drought-stricken land and two friends’ perilous quest to bring back the rain. As the story unfolds, the music moves from acoustic softness to electric heaviness, all the while depicting a bustling wilderness with vibrant sound design.

It was a great pleasure to have the band to talk on The Fox & The Bird and much more, Check out the complete coverage on the YouTube video below.

01 – The Drought
02 – The Fox and the Bird
03 – The Raccoon (and the Myth)
04 – The Journey
05 – The Snake
06 – The Nightmare
07 – The Falcon
09 – The Bear
08 – The Dream
10 – The Crocodile
11 – The Bird
12 – The Mountain
13 – The Rain

Music Videos

The Band

Casey Lee Williams – Lead Vocals
Martin Gonzalez – Guitar
Martín de Lima – Keyboards, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Augusto Bussio – Drums, Backing Vocals
Peter de Reyna – Bass

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