RVN//NT formed in 2023 with members Aden Blanch (bass), Connor Gutteridge (vocals), Damon Gutteridge (guitar) and Jake Brown (drums) with a collective love for punchy riffs, soaring vocals and a hard hitting back line. Their unique style fuses hard-hitting gloves with a crisp mixture of melodic and harsh vocals.

Releasing their first song Void of Mind in March this year closely followed by Bleed Within. RVN//NT are on an upward  trajectory with big plans. They currently have a string of releases planned for the year with an EP on the horizon. 

Their third single ‘Distain’ is out on June 7.  And I had the privilege to speak with Connor Gutteridge the frontman of the band on the new single “Distain” and much more on RVN/NT. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

Check Out The New Single “Distain” Video Below

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Disturbingly Good


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