Hurtling out of California’s Central Valley with arms swinging and teeth bared, ELDER DEVIL has released their sophomore album, Everything Worth Loving, on June 16 via Los Angeles heavy metal label Prosthetic Records.

Founded in 2016 by primary songwriter Jacob Lee (HELLISH FORM, KEEPER, PLASTICBAG FACEMASK) and vocalist Stephen Muir, the Fresno, CA band’s mission statement of crafting corruscating grindcore and apoplectic sludge for the love of extreme music, and the scene they were birthed from, has remained unwavering in its execution. With a handful of EPs and 2019 full-length The Light Dimmed Eternal, ELDER DEVIL’s latest chapter is an uneasy rumination on grief.

It was a great pleasure to have Stephen and Jacob on the Interview to talk on Everything Worth Loving and much more in the journey of Elder Devil. Check out the complete interview on the below YouTube video.

Everything Worth Loving tracklist:

  1. Endless Need
  2. The Hounds at Night
  3. Awash in Light
  4. My Body is an Earthen Shrine
  5. New Grief
  6. Insomnia
  7. What Do You See?
  8. After Flesh
  9. Puncture Wound
  10. Burning Forest
  11. What Do You Hear? 
  12. Dismal and Alone
  13. Everything Worth Loving

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The Band

Stephen Muir – vocals
Jacob Lee – guitar
Peter Ruacho – drums and noise
Ryan Urquidez – bass

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