Interview With Cam Mesmer Of Vancouver’s Progressive Duo “Spell”

Fantastical heavy metal band Spell will release its new LP, ‘Tragic Magic’, on October 28 via Bad Omen Records. Featuring ten tracks of prime, progressive heavy music flooded with mesmerizing atmospheres, ‘Tragic Magic’ sees Spell take a decidedly grittier lyrical approach, leaning less into escapism, while confronting real life challenges of modern times.

Tragic Magic’ is the highly-anticipated follow up to Spell’s critically-acclaimed 2020 LP, ‘Opulent Decay’, a record hailed as “fantasy rock” by Blabbermouth, “enchanting” by Heavy Blog is Heavy, and “a captivating mix of Rush- and Blue Öyster Cult” by Revolver. ‘Tragic Magic’ was written and recorded entirely as a collaboration between brothers Cam and Al (Lester); the record’s songcraft is steeped in the atmosphere of the arcane, yet the hooks are more razor-sharp than ever. While influences like the esoteric charge of the aforementioned Blue Öyster Cult and the elemental expansions of Camel and King Crimson drift through these crepuscular melodies, Spell are as likely to be influenced by the life-affirming energy of ‘60s Motown, the ethereal dimensions of Cocteau Twins, the strident woe of Candlemass, and the classic songwriting chops of Russ Ballard. 

It was a great pleasure to have Cam on the Interview to talk on “Tragic Magic” and much more, Check out the wonderful Cam on the below YouTube video.

Track listing: 

   1.) Fatal Breath
   2.) Ultraviolet   
   3.) Hades Embrace  
   4.) Fever Dream  
   5.) Sarcophagus     
   6.) Cruel Optimism 
   7.) A Ruined Garden    
   8.) Souls in Chains  
   9.) Watcher of the Seas   
 10.) The Watching

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Cam Mesmer: vocals, bass, rhythm guitar
Al Lester: vocals, drums, lead guitar

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