CEDARS is an electronic rock band from central Texas whose music incorporates the DIY ethos of bands like The Pixies and PJ Harvey, the haunting atmospheres of Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails, and the infectious grooves of MuteMath. CEDARS is more than just a band: it’s is a vision of community, a community driven by the idea that beauty can save the world. Led by longtime friends Sandeigh Kennedy and Drew Heaton, they blend industrial and organic textures, drawing together disparate elements to marry complex sonic landscapes with compelling stories. Gritty synths and wispy vocals; hard hitting beats and delicate textures are the tools they use to tell powerful, authentic stories that explore truth and beauty.

It was a pleasure to have the entire band for an Interview, Check out the below amazing interview with the most amazing Cedars on the YouTube video below.

Track listing for “Cowards”:
1. Claymore
2. Lost at Sea
3. Chasing Vapor
4. Happy Now
5. Mockingbirds
6. Funeral Dress
7. Formerly Known
8. Give Up The Ghost
9. Bearing Swords
10. Cowards
11. Liminal

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Photo credit: Courtney Santos-Awkwardeye Photography

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