Interview With Chris Copp Of The Soiled Doves

Revenant Spirits, the new album from progressive hardcore/metal unit THE SOILED DOVES is out now.

Revenant Spirits an adventurously diverse exploration of a vast spectrum of styles and emotions. These five songs showcase the band’s ability to paint complex and dynamic compositions with deeply introspective lyrics, resulting in an immersive, at times hypnotic listening experience.

Hailing from Topeka, KS, THE SOILED DOVES is a composite of musicians with a diverse history, spanning a wide number of years and genres.

The Soiled Doves are comprised of Chris Copp (Subterranean Misfits, Schumann’s Resonance, The BLOS), Cale Michael (Given With Honor), Zeke Calabrese (Given With Honor, Human Ritual), Travis Olden (Emotional Feedback), and Matt Shiflett (Schumann’s Resonance. Dream Killer University).

Their combined efforts give birth to a sound that is undeniably unique, yet unforced, and with attention to detail that one would expect from a veteran cast of collaborators.

It was a great pleasure to have the frontman Chris Copp to talk on Revenant Spirits and much more from the band. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.


1) Snap

2) Host I: Burden

3) Host II: Battlefield in the Mirror

4) Ultraviolence Is Our Native Tongue

5) The Cave, The Opal

Music Videos

The Band

Chris Copp: Vocals
Cale Michael Guitar
Zeke Calabrese: Guitar
Travis Olden: Bass
Matt Shiflett: Drums

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