Interview With David Reed Watson Of Minnesota’s “A Rising Force”

A Rising Force released their second full-length studio album “Eclipse” On June 3rd 2022, fresh off the tail of their previous album “Undertow”. 

A Rising Force is an all original hard rock band from Minnesota signed to Dark Star/Sony/Universal. They wrote, recorded and then signed their first record deal with the label HighVolMusic in December of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. The band collectively have had multiple albums released over the years, MMA nominations & awards, and national and international touring backgrounds.

It was a real pleasure to have the frontman David Reed Watson on an Interview to talk about “Eclipse” and much more, check out the amazing David on the below Interview on YouTube.


Nobody Cares 
All Night Long 
Shake it Like a Ragdoll 
Trail of Tears 
Trouble’s Back in Trouble Again 
Say Goodbye 

Music Videos

The Band

David Reed Watson – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Brian Lorenson – Bass, Vocals
Leni DIMancari – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Lane Allen – Drums, Vocals
Billy Schlump – Lead Guitar, Vocals

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