Interview With Deserted Fear

A trio of young decendants out of Eisenberg (fondly called “Iron Hill”) were ready to bow to their ancestors of the death metal old school, whilst letting them know the meaning of innovation. Having shaken the dust out of conventional sound scapes, in a shower of groove grenades came the ferocious death metal hymns.

Their New Album “Doomsday” will be out on March 4, 2022, It was my pleasure to discuss on the new album and much more, Check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage.


  1. Intro
  2. Part Of The End
  3. Idols Of Triumph
  4. Follow The Light That Blinds
  5. Fall From Grace
  6. At Its End
  7. Reborn Paradise
  8. The One Desire
  9. Call Of Emptiness
  10. Voices Of Fire
  11. Doomsday
  12. Funeral Of The Earth (bonus track)
  13. Artifacts Of The Black Rain (bonus track)

Music Videos

The Band

Manuel “Mahne” Glatter (vocals/guitar)
Fabian Hildebrandt (guitar)
Simon Mengs (drums).

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