A new chill wind is coming from the Finnish forests! The black / folk metal band KOUTA has released their debut EP Aarnihauta  on March 11th

The record is made of 3 songs for a duration of 12 minutes. It is inspired by the old Nordic lore and myths, combined with the malign nature of the northern forests and the iniquity of being human. The myth of the malevolent being Kouta is at the heart of the group’s music. 

Aarnihauta combines black and folk metal, bringing forth the dark and hopeless atmosphere of Nordic nature. Thematically the EP tells of the appearance of the mythological being Kouta, whose malevolence brings judgment and despair upon the treacherous mankind. Fans of Behemoth, …And Oceans, Anaal Nathrakh, Lorna Shore, Paara, Finntroll, and Wardruna will be excited to listen to this record, which is available in digital version. 

It was my pleasure to have Arttu Pentikäinen (Bass, Clean Vocals) and Eemeli Haarala (Guitar) for an Interview, Spoke about the formation, debut EP and much more. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

Aarnihauta tracklist: 

1. Mårran (2:26)

2. Aarnihauta (4:22)

3. Maanviha (5:30)

Music Videos

The Band

Antti Mäki – Vocals 

Eemeli Haarala – Guitar

Lauri Törmä – Guitar, Clean Vocals

Arttu Pentikäinen – Bass, Clean Vocals

Ville Vitikka – Drums

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