Interview With Germany’s Final Cry

For more than 30 years, FINAL CRY have been a constant part of the German metal scene and now present their sixth longplayer with the mountaineering epic “The Ever-Rest”. Once again, the band succeeds in reinventing themselves without losing sight of their roots.

It was my pleasure to have this Interview with the Eiko, Check out the below YouTube for the complete coverage.


01. The Brotherhood Of The Rope

02. The Ever-Rest

03. Down The Icefall

04. The Beckoning Silence

05. Seven Summits

06. Ascending The Avalanche

07. Mallory’s Mask

08. Into The Whiteout

09. Words Unspoken

10. This Ending

Music Videos

The Band

Kai Wilhelm – Vocals

Burghardt Sonnenburg – Guitar

Eiko Truckenbrodt – Guitar

Sonja Sonnenburg – Bass

Holger Feldmann – Drums

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