Revision The Dream is a progressive metalcore/djent 4 piece band, located in Tel aviv, Israel. The band was formed in 2018, originally by the guitarists Simon and Yam. The band draws its unique writing style from bands like Erra, Intervals and oceans ate alaska. Their music contains everything from progressive guitar riffs, bone-crushing breakdowns, catchy choruses and even electro music nuances which makes their music style so special and versatile. Their debut e.p Desiderata in 2020 raised the bar for quality metal music among the israeli metal scene. Revision The Dream has also a vast experience in live shows. In just 4 years, the band has managed to scorch every metal stage in Tel Aviv turning every show into a party. In the last year the band released the two singles “Waves” and “Undefined Objects”, off their debut full length album expected to see light next year.

It was a great pleasure to have them on an Interview to talk on the upcoming Winter Uproar Festival, Album and much more, Check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage.

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