Lucifer is a metal band formed in Berlin in 2014 by frontwoman Johanna Sadonis, after a brief line up changes, Johanna was the only constant member with the current line up with Nicke Andersson, Martin Nordin and Linus Björklund and Harald Göthblad. The band is currently based out in Stockholm, Sweden. It was my privilege to speak to the front woman the most amazing Johanna, Lets hear about the album and some of our questions for the band

Hey Johanna, How are you, How was your day?
Heya alright, It was pretty much ok, we are not making any shows, So we are in home pretty much.

Early March this year you released your third album Lucifer III, can you tell me a bit about this album?
Lucifer III, Yeah, We recorded the album here in home, We live south from Stockholm, with a little bit of a countryside, we have a studio out here and, it’s awesome because we can record whenever we want, don’t have to book time, if its another studio it wouldn’t be that easy. Nicke and I wrote this album together and produced it and recorded it together and its out for you guys and I would say III is a follow up to #2.

The second album went quite good, how do you feel about this?
It came pretty good like the eye of a storm. When Covid 19 was really starting you know, we were little bit worried that no one is going to buy the album and things like that, it went quite the opposite, People in quarantine and the reviews I have seen it was really interesting. The reception has been pretty good and I’m happy about it.

What is the one song that fans loved from this album and what would be your favorite?
Lot of people like Leather Demon a lot, maybe because its different from other Lucifer songs and I really love the song as well, It’s also funny because every time a journalist write a review they love different songs, its awesome because no song is really bad, Everybody has their own favorites, that’s great you know.

This is the second record with Century Media, so how it is going so far?
Oh its great, It’s a pretty decent label from Germany, Every thing’s is working and we are happy about it. Nicke and I wanted to do our own recording label, but we cannot do it for another 5 years because of the contract.

You are from Germany, what made you move to Stockholm?
Me and Nicke are couples and we got married, so that’s why

You have a touch of everything in different genre, what made you come up with that?
I think its what we listen to  Nick and I come from extreme metal background and we still do listen but mostly 70’s classic rock n roll, hard rock and early metal, I think the music comes because of these influences. I think we just play what we like to listen to.

Is your songwriting specific around with some concept?
We are not really concept album people, we write a couple of songs and then think what kind of songs we can do to make it exciting for people, Like when you have one doom song and two ballads, some rock n roll.

Your name is quite different for a hard rock band, its quiet dark in the name, any particular reason for this?
Well  when you take bands like Black Sabbath or Pentagram those are not black metal or death metal bands, you know what I mean, I really come from extreme metal background as a teenager, very deep in the death, black and doom metal scene and I played in other bands, now a days my focus is  on Rock N Roll, Like old 70’s take on the devil, you know the rolling stones “Sympathy for The Devil”, they use demonic figures but more in a Rock N Roll way, Lucifer is kind of misled or cast out. I grew up as a kid listening to metal, I was totally an outsider in the neighborhood, so there are many symbolic for me that I can relate.

What do you feel is the most amazing thing in your life?
Woo, there’s a lot of things, Musically maybe I met Nicke because he is the perfect partner in crime when it comes to music, that’s really awesome, usually when one person in band and another person in home it will be difficult you know and I got to do this together with my husband which is great, we do what we love to do the most, that is recording music, playing live, so we do it together that’s kinda luxury.

How as a band do you look into the future?
Yes, we have cancelled all our tour from this year to 2021 and moreover we have a lot of time this year to work more on music and time to work on the next album, we have a single comingout on August 28, Usually with touring and going back to studio  making new songs will be quite difficult but right now we can do a lot of new songs.

You have named albums I, II & III is this a kind of trend you would be following are there will be change in the future?
Maybe Volume IV, haha I don’t know yet, I’m keeping all the options open

Finally any message for the fans?
Hang in there, Pandemic keeps going and band’s cant go out and play, anybody can keep in their own force of power but stay in there and do what you like to do. I don’t know just keep on rocking

Johanna, thanks for putting up an amazing album this year, It’s a pleasure to talk to you, have a good day and stay safe
You too Keith, it’s a pleasure, Stay Safe.


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