Interview with “John Arch”  by Keith Clements

(Ex. Fates Warning)

Metalheads Forever Magazine was honored to Interview one of the legendary Vocalist John Arch well known for his work with the band Fates Warning. He was with the band from 1982-1987 made three fine albums for the band “Night on Bröcken” “The Spectre Within” and “Awaken The Guardian”. In 2017 the original lineup reunited for the reunion of “Awaken The Guardian” and made a couple of shows. He also had made a solo album and an album with the Guitarist of Fates Warning “Jim Matheos” called Arch/Matheos. Let’s hear from the legend himself.

Greetings John, How are you today?

I’m good, It’s rockin’ Weekend and It’s Friday, I did a lot of Interviews every single night and pretty tired, and my brain is like Jell-O, So Please bear with me haha. Before we start this Interview, Let me put my headphones on, this speaker is bit crappy.

John you recently toured with Fates Warning for “Awaken The Guardian Reunion” tour, how do you feel to be back with the old friends?

Actually it was pretty good, we practiced on our own for a while and It’s kinda like the old times. We laughed a lot and we kinda connected pretty quickly. It was good.

How was the experience to be back with the band as you are performing with them for the first time since 87?

It was fantastic, you know I get really nervous before the shows, I can get hyper, but things get great when I get on the stage and see the fans they were so fantastic, and we had a good time. It’s been more than 30 years with the original line up so we were tighter and we are experienced. We know each other so well so it went pretty well even if it was only a few shows.

Back in the days when you were the Vocalist of the band the music was heavy Metal with Progressive elements and later it became more Progressive, what are your thoughts on that?

Well back in the older albums me being a fan of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden and we were pure metal that was everyone’s core, and being with those Inspiration we wrote songs that are more heavy metal as times passes by we became better writers and music gets more complicated and complex. So we decided to become more progressive, that is the concept of progressive. well everyone has their own meaning for it.

John, Since the reunion happened, Is there a possibility of you returning back to Fates Warning?

Well that’s not likely to happen, you know Fates Warning with this line-up was there for years and years and years, Well to be precise I’m able to do and make music whenever I can and I’m still in the business and I’m working on Arch/Matheos Project so that is really great for me.

Do you have a plan to release another album with Arch/Matheos, It’s been 6 years since the last?

It’s not definite, but I’m working on certain parties and I’m confident that a new Arch/Matheos album will be happening.

Do you have any plans for the future, any other projects that you will be working on?

I think I put only one solo album after coming out of Fates Warning, that happened back in 2003. Well you know I do a lot of other things other than music, no matter how many hours you have in a day, you never have enough. So making an album all by myself takes a lot of time and I’m not sure if it’s possible right at this moment, but if anyone is Interested and wants to contact me, I would most definitely consider.

You got an offer to be the front man for Dream Theater back in the day and you didn’t take it, did you ever regret for that decision?

No I don’t, Everything that Dream Theater is doing is fantastic and they are doing amazing tours. I’m happy about the decision I made a long time ago. I made myself clear that I would be making music and will have a steady job. I never regret it, I’m financially stable and I’m able to make the music that I Love.

How do you manage your time with family, music and work?

Ahh Luckily my son he’s grown now and he has his own place, so it’s not like I have babies haha. I have a very understanding wife, she knows that I’m busy and she supports me, I get hyper focused when I start writing and it takes all my energy. I work for hours and hours and weekend on and that’s how it goes.

John, can you tell me the best moment you had during your time with Fates Warning?

My best moment is when I get to the stage and see all the fans and I become calm and start performing, Probably when I meet fans and that is more rewarding and you feel all the energy they give you and adding When you make or put up an album. You will not be sure whether people will like it or not, you do a lot of writing and put a lot of hard work to get it released and when the fans really like it that’s more rewarding and that’s what I will call a best moment. When fans write you and say hey that album is a pretty good one and we loved it and that is even more rewarding.

Do you have a message for the fans and readers of this publication?

My message is always the same, It’s gratitude for the fans for supporting me all through these years, the fans have given me more than I have given them and I thank them for making my life better.

Keith Clements/MHF Magazine

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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