Based in Toronto ON, Alt-Punk/Post-Hardcore four-piece, Napoleon, has been attracting attention from fans and media alike since their formation in early 2018. Celebrated as one of ‘23 Canadian bands Silverstein’s Shane Told knows will keep the scene alive’ in an article by Alternative Press where the famed vocalist filled the publication in on what he feels is the best of the best in Canadian music, the band’s praises are sung far and wide. Alt-Press went on to call the band “heavy in an original fashion,” and say that “Toronto should be proud of these up-and-comers.”

Reflecting on their ‘Dear God’ EP, vocalist / guitarist Jon Elameh says:
Dear God is much darker than our last effort “Enemy Within” – both musically and lyrically. We dropped a lot of the hard rock influences in favor of a more post-hardcore/metalcore sound, there is a lot more screaming compared to clean singing than we have had before, a direction we have slowly been pushing in for the last couple of years.

Lyrically, Dear God is an EP about faith. More specifically, the lack thereof – both in God, and yourself. “Help Me” for example tells the story of a man who chose to dedicate his life to serving god at the expense of having a family/friends/life outside religion, meanwhile “Lord and Savior” asks the question I’ve found myself asking since I was young, which is if God is so great and good, and so real, why do terrible things still happen in our world, why isn’t God stopping them from happening if God has the power. Both “Heartless” and “If I Go” deal with themes of self doubt, from a religion and an internal standpoint, asking questions like “did god just abandon me because I’m not good enough?” or “If I died would anyone even know.”

It was a great pleasure to have the frontman Jon Elameh on the Interview to speak on the new EP Dear God and much behind the scenes of Napoleon. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

  2. IF I GO
  4. HELP ME

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