Interview With Legendary Guitarist Sean Baker

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today? 

I’m doing amazing!! Life is great, thank you for asking! How about YOU, my friend? Doing awesome, Thanks for asking my friend.

On December 6, You released your album WTF#, Would you like to tell me about the album and production behind it?

Well, first off I’m very pleased how it turned out. Alot of different styles on this one compared to my older cds. It was by far, the most fun I’ve had making a cd up to this point. All the musicians that played on it killed it in every sense of the word. Every guest solo put a smile on my face as soon as I had heard them, and I had a blast performing/writing with an amazing Horn section. We actually worked on it for about two years, but then again Covid had a hand in that! I have amazing people around me, so everyday was pretty awesome working on this project.

Was there a theme or a concept that was behind the album?

Not intentionally, most of my influence songwriting wise, come from things that happen to me in life to be honest. “Past becomes Present” is basically the first song I ever wrote and then I had every guitarist thats ever been in SBO do guest solos on it in the order that they were in the band. “Friday Nights with Dad” came about from my Dad getting divorced late in life and I didnt want him being alone so I would take my Dad to a jazz club every Friday just to keep him company and it changed both our lives for the better. We did a cover of Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are” because it was the first song me and my beautiful wife danced to at our wedding. “David’s Song” I wrote for my bass player after he beat Cancer. “Feeling Pretty Damn Good” is basically my life in general. I’m one lucky dude to live the life I lead. So, you can see that my life basically dictates my music/songwriting.

Did you do something special on the release day?

I’m lucky that my parents are still alive, so celebrating with them was the most important thing for me. So, I spent time with them. It’s kinda a funny feeling when you hold your cd for the first time. Kinda like having a child, in the fact that you created it. That my friend, is a very special feeling and one that I’m addicted to tbh. I have great friends so seeing them excited for me is an amazing feeling. Plus, putting together a full length cd is not easy, so it’s also a great feeling of accomplishment! When I was a teenager, I had a goal of doing an instrumental cd and now I’ve four of them so it’s pretty darn cool!

What are the plans in terms of touring?

I would Love to do a tour in the future! I was lucky enough to go on tour with Bruce Bouillet as his second guitaris in 2013 and had an amazing time. I’ve played on a tour with Joe Stump and Michael Harris. I’ve been very lucky to do shows with Marc Rizzo, Jennifer Batten, Chris Poland, Michael Orlando, Gary Hoey, Uli Jon Roth and many others. My band also backed up Paul Gilbert and George Lynch at some guitar clinics. So, we are built to tour tbh….

Any plans to come up with an Official Music Video?

Yes! As a matter of fact, I’m having meetings this weekend with a videographer to shoot a video for “Feeling Pretty Damn Good”! Pretty excited to say the least as I’ve only been a part of one video and that was for Ronny Munroe’s (Metal Church) song ‘Pray” back in 2014. We will be looking at storyboads and concepts this weekend. Cant wait to see what he’s come up with! Should be loads of FUN!

What would be next for Sean Baker Orchestra, are you involved in any other projects currently?

For SBO, getting out there and doing some shows would be killer! I would love to do a live cd in the future. I have four solo cds out now, so I have alot of material to choose from. I’m always doing guest solos for other artist too. I produce bands from time to time, and I’m always writing music. Whether for myself or for other bands as well. Would like to do another vocal project as my last one (Clownhammer) did so well. You just never know what the future holds.

Would you like to share some of the highlights of your career?

Yes! Being in Mike Varney’s Spotlight Column was amazing! Playing onstage with Paul Gilbert was a dream come true. Being only the second guitarist to play “Scarified” with Bruce Bouillet live was incredible. Having the quality of players on my own cds, Rusty Cooley, Joe Stump, Bruce Bouillet, Marc Rizzo, Toby Knapp, Scott Schiaffo, Sammy Boller, Rob Marcello, and vocalist Jeff Martin and Ronny Munroe were just dreams coming true. I cant believe these wonderful, talented people played on my music! Pretty incredible my friend.

What’s the big dream?

Playing on stage in front of thousands of people would fufill a big dream for me. I’m sure it would’nt be with my band, but if I could with an existing, known band, I would be all for it. Thats really the only bucket list item I can think of. I have a dream of playing in Europe with my instrumental band, which I think is feasible.

Any plans to bring vocals into your next project/album?

Jeff Martin from RacerX was gonna be on “Wtf#”, but he was involved with another project , so time wise. we were not able to make that happen. Would like to do a full length cd with Jeff someday in the future. I believe my next project could have a vocalist. Never say never, right?

Finally what would be the message for the fans?

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your support for me and my musical endevours is downright incredible. The fact I have fans is very surreal to me. I cant thank them enough. I cant thank people like Michael McDowell from ShredGuy

Records for believeing in me as well. Mike is amazing and helps me more then anyone. I hope everyone digs “Wtf#’ as much as we do. Give it a listen, I think you will dig it.There is something for everyone on this cd.