London based progressive metal band MONUMENTS are gearing up to release their new album In Stasis this Friday, April 15th via Century Media Records.

UK progressive metal band MONUMENTS has more than a decade’s worth of touring, roster changes, and collaborating with the amazing talent within their scene has continually honed and elevated their game to new heights. On the band’s fourth studio album, “In Stasis”, the group brings together the best elements of this new chapter in their story while honouring many of the fixtures from their past. The follow-up to 2018’s “Phronesis”, the new record is also MONUMENTS’ first with lead vocalist Andy Cizek at the helm, and as Mike Malyan (drums) notes, his involvement in the creation of “In Stasis” has reshaped what the band is capable of from a songwriting perspective.

It was my pleasure to have Mike on the Interview to talk about In Stasis, The Band, Touring and much more, Check out the complete coverage on YouTube with the amazing Mike.

In Stasis tracklist:

  1. No One Will Teach You (feat. Neema Askari)
  2. Lavos
  3. Cardinal Red
  4. Opiate
  5. Collapse
  6. Arch Essence (feat. Spencer Sotelo)
  7. Somnus
  8. False Providence
  9. Makeshift Harmony
  10. The Cimmerian

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The Band

Mike (drums)
Andy (vocals)
Swan (bass)
Browne (guitar)

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