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Ottawa’s THE SPACE BETWEEN have burst onto the music scene with soldout shows in the nation’s capital and a new self-titled EP, out June 23. 

Formed in 2022 and having already sold-out shows in their home city and Canada’s capital, The Space Between are ones to watch with their visceral blend of hard rock and metal. The group consists of three members, frontwoman and vocalist Maryn Pegan, guitarist James Shaheen and drummer Tom Sergi. Together, their explosive energy and stage presence grabs attention like no other. The Space Between are unafraid to challenge themselves and the status quo, making them a deadly mix and one hell of a powder keg ready to blow.

It was a great pleasure to have the chat with the front-woman Maryn Pegan to talk on the new EP and much more, Check out the complete Interview below.

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, How are you today?

Great, Keith! Thanks for chatting with us today.

On June 23, You are releasing your self titled EP, Can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind it?

This project has been a long time coming. The songwriting started well before the COVID-19 pandemic, but lasted up until we were ready to record; over the past few years, we’ve been accumulating the best of the songs we’ve written. We usually start with a fridge or hook and then build the drums and bass around that, with the vocals and melody coming in overtop; this usually keeps us all on the same page and turns out the best tune.

  1. The Cage
  2. Your Excuses
  3. Time
  4. So Happy
  5. Cut Through

Does the EP have a concept or a theme behind it?

A lot of the lyrics explore the themes of growth and decay, whether that be through physical life and death or human relationships.

5 tracked EP, with mind blowing Vocals, Great Musicianship, the power and energy or to a new level, Thanks for the awesomeness, As a band how do you feel about the outcome?

We couldn’t be happier. We worked with Steve Foley of Audio Valley here in Ottawa, and hearing the outcome was a really proud moment for all of us; it’s an incredible feeling getting to see years of hard work finally getting out there.

Two weeks back you released a video for the Song “Your Excuses” can you tell me about the making of the video?

We recorded the video with Andrew Parmalee, who drums in Cevilain, another incredible Ottawa band. None of us had done a music video before, but he made us feel more than comfortable. It was a fun day, with all of us getting to experiment with different types of stage presence to best make the song come to life.

Are there plans for more videos from the album?

We would love to do some more videos. We may or may not have some things in the works…

Do you have any special release day plans?

The day after our EP’s release, we’re hosting a release party at Ottawa’s Cafe Dekcuf. It’ll be a more intimate show than we’ve been playing, as we really wanted to celebrate with the people who our music means the most to.

How does touring look for you in 2023?

We have a few out of town dates booked for the fall, but we’re likely looking at a proper tour come 2024. 

Would you like to tell me how The Space Between started and how you guys formed as a band?

It was a journey, that’s for sure! We formed in 2020, but because of some members changing and the pandemic, we fully found ourselves in 2022. James and I knew each other from a previous band and we found Tom, our drummer, through a Facebook ad; as soon as we all started playing together, the music just clicked and we haven’t looked back since.

Any highlight moments that you want to share with me today?

A big one for us was selling out our debut show, that was a highlight right out of the gate. We also got an Alan Cross shoutout for our song “Time” not much later; he’s a popular Canadian music journalist in Canada, and having someone that respected take a liking to your work means a lot. Our most recent highlight would be being nominated for two Capital Music Awards, Group of the Year and Newcomer of the Year! 

How do you look into the future of the band?

We’ve got a long list of things we’re planning for the future, starting with the writing and recording of our first full-length release. We’ve already got about half of it done, with the rest to be finished over summer. As for the longer term future, who knows? All we know is that we’re not going anywhere – we’re in this for the long haul.

Finally, any message for the fans?

As always, we can’t thank the fans enough for their continued support – knowing that there are people who relate to and feel inspired by what we’re doing is worth more than anything.



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