Greetings From Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith the editorial head, how are you today?

Hi, Keith. Tarello from Piraña here. Oh well, at least I am alive, that is an advantage nowadays haha.

In 2020, you released Blood Zone, your third full length album, can you tell me a bit about the album?

Blood Zone is the result of more than a decade of work. Is a total hit in your face. Complete artillery. It has all that a thrash album must have: strength, speed, rawness, social lyrics, and f***k everyone attitude.

Can you tell me the cover art of the album, what have you depicted through this, what was the concept set behind it?

Well, according to Greek mythology, Diké (the decaying lady in the cover) is one of the three daughters of Themis (the wise, daughter of the titans Gea-earth and Uranos-sky) and Zeus, and it represents within the company of her two sisters (Eirene and Eunomia) the main concept of justice (equity, wisdom, self control and strength). But when you live in a world and in a country like ours, you realize that all this concepts are the opposite. So, the cover, as well as the first videoclip of 2020 (Gravedancer) reflects the main idea of the record, which means a critical view about the total decay, the blood, the rot, the imperialism, the consumism, the electronic dependency and the violence we live, going into a vortex of oblivion, as vultures fly around our corpses.   

Being one of the best metal act from Mexico, how do you feel about the success of the band?

Thanks for your kind words, but success is so relative. Been shortly known in some places maybe is not too much. Just as many other bands we still cannot live totally from the music, we do not get sold out in every venue, and we have a lot of problems to do what we live for: metal. But after all, we still playing, recording, kicking and trying to scream, many times before a small def audience. Maybe the success comes when you do not give a f***k if you always lose, because you will always keep on trying, no matter what.

In 2017, you opened for the legendary masters of Thrash Metal Testament in Querétaro, can you tell me how do you feel about this opportunity?

It was a great honour because we love Testament, and we really enjoyed their show after we played. Unfortunately we have short time so we did not get our complete show done, and after the gig we did not have chance to chat with them because they were in a hurry and we were about to go to our first tour through Canada. Anyway, the experience was very good.

How’s the journey been for you since the inception in 2003?

Rough. A lot of changes in the band because the members did not last too long and the means to produce recordings were not so easy to obtained as nowadays. But in a way the first years we kept on touring through México, and that gave us a lot of experience to grow as a band. In the end we started touring outside our country and that refuelled our spirits in order to keep on. Is a hard way, a lot of sorrow and deceptions, but hell, we are metal heads, nothing more.

Can you tell me how it all started for you guys?

In 2003 Sammy came from death metal bands like Ravager, Domain, Genital Retroplasia and Demonized, and I was playing in a thrash-core act Sátrapas, and melodic metal act called Antiqua. My band broke apart and I was eager to play thrash metal because I always love it and I needed to be a man, hahaha; and Sammy was the same spirit too, so it was easy start playing together, although in the 90´s we have many understandings as rival bands and we hate each other, haha, but heck, metal unites. After this we just look for the right persons, until in 2005 arrived Juan at bass and in 2008 Fernando at drums. After this we could solidify our concept, until Juan left in 2015 and Chava joined until today. 

You bring the pure Thrash metal back on the scene, why do you choose this genre, and how do you feel about the outcome of your music?

I practically lost my virginity with thrash metal so I have never leave the taste for strong, fast and rabid chords, and the others guys as well love this genre. Mainly it has all the social critics we like, all the power and dark vibes of metal and a lot of punkysh attitude. As many thrasher say this before (Kreator do it once), we always play in a love us or hate us mode. And we think that is the thrash metal. Is a radical statement of existence but with a tupatupatupatupa sound in the drums.

What would be the next plans for the band?

We are composing a new album that could be released in 2022, we are very advance on the making, so we are positive about this; and we are preparing another tour for next year. We are trying to plan something in Australia, but Canada is also one option to do some noise again.

What are some of the most memorable moments over the years?

There are too many. Play Caimanrock in Cuba 2011 with one of the most warm and fabulous audience in the world. Meet so many great metal heads around México and get wasted in so many places. Having a joint in the backstage with the guys of Nuclear Assault 2014. Playing from last minute in Barroselas metal fest 2013, have a hell of a barbecue and a lot of weed cookies in every corner in Canada, playing with Raven and sharing gear with Hellchamber in Vancouver, as well as meet so dear friends in Canada, Brasil, UK, Cuba and Spain, just for saying a few thing. 

Have you ever thought of making an album completely in Spanish?

….YES. Curiously, that is the album that is on the making right know.

Finally any message for the fans?

Thanks for been there, and thanks Keith for this space.

We will bite your brain…


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