Interview With Red Riot

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, how you guys are doing?

Hi Keith! Thank you very much for this interview! We’re busy with this album stuff, but we’re very happy!


 Could you please tell us about your new album “Seek!Kill!Burn!?

Seek! Kill! Burn! is our first album, and we’ve been working on it for more than 2 years. We wanted our first product to represent the best way it could what we are, five angry guys who are tired to live in a society that tries to bring you down. Our aim is to make people hear our voices and to give voice to all those people who share our thoughts. We decided to record 2 videos of two songs we really care about: “Blow Till You Drop” and “Bang Your Head”, since they talk about two topics really close to our life. The first talks about a friend of ours who is condemned to death since he was born because of a bad disease, and the other one explains the power that music has on our life and on everyone’s life. So, Seek! Kill! Burn! , after all, is just a way to spread a message through the music we like!


 Could you please tell us how Red Riot was formed?

Once upon a time, in 2013, there were the friends of a lifetime JJ Riot and Lexy Riot who decided to form a band together with our first Drummer, Beer. Max Power joined the band and we started to write our first songs, when Ozy Jack, our former singer, joined the band too. After a while, both Ozy Jack and Beer left the band for personal reasons, and Fred Riot as the singer and Scar as the drummer took their place.
Our current line up was formed in 2016, the same year we released our first EP “Fight!”. The reasons that made Red Riot Exist were the great passion for music that allowed us to get through the hardest moments and the desire to communicate our thoughts and feelings.


 You guys have Pseudo names, would you like to reveal your real names to us and tell us why you chose to go with that?

Our real names are not a secret, but they sound bad, so we decided to use these names, Lexy Riot, JJ Riot, Max Power, Scar and Fred Riot, so that people think we’re American and they are disappointed when they find out we’re not.


 Thrash metal is one of the most powerful and high adrenaline genre of metal, what according to you will be the future of Thrash metal, as metal keeps changing generation after generation into newer forms?

Thrash metal will never die because it has immortal parts, its attitude and power. In fact, that’s what we take from thrash metal. Thrash can change in thousands of different genres, but it always has the same soul. Talking about thrash metal bands nowadays, there are bands like Havok or Lost Society who carry on thrash metal message the best way possible.


 How does it feel to work with Volcano Records?

Volcano Records is surely a great Label. We learned a lot from them when we released our first EP and we are still learning a lot. We must thank Alessandro Liccardo and Guido Sabia for the great work they’re doing, and moreover we must thank our manager, even if it has nothing to do with Volcano Records, Natas Raw for the incredible support and help he gave us. Without these people, this album wouldn’t have been possibile.


 What are the upcoming plans for the band in 2019?

2019 will surely be a year full of live shows to promote our album, but We’re already working to new songs, so if people buy “Seek!Kill!Burn!”, we’ll have the money to record another album. So come on, buy our album so that we can release another one by 2019!!


 Do you have a message for the fans and readers and thanks very much for your time to have this interview with you.

First of all, thank you for this great interview, then the message can be just one. Be yourself, work hard and most important BUY OUR ALBUM and WATCH THE VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE. If you like it, we’ll be very happy!

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