SAM ASTAROTH’s music combines elements of Trap Metal and Scream Rap with Industrial and Gothic undertones, overlaid with Blackened Deathcore vocals. Lyrically and thematically he explores experiences of being demonized and facing alienation, seeking to inspire those who have faced discrimination to embrace and be proud of who they are. 

SAM ASTAROTH is no stranger to the metal scene and has shared stages with LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT, ARKONA, WOLFHEART and THE AGONIST to a name a few. He founded the band ASTAROTH INCARNATE in 2013, which over the years evolved from an extreme metal band into a symphonic black metal band. The group subsequently disbanded in 2021 and SAM reincarnated as a solo artist, transcending genre boundaries further than ever before. 

SAM ASTAROTH is holding nothing back in unleashing this untameable and yet highly enticing single. “Demoncore” fuses a devilish heaviness with outlandish electronics and ludicrously compelling vocals. It’s dark and thrilling – an utterly monstrous release.  

“Demoncore” marks a new milestone seeing the beginning of SAM ASTAROTH’s solo venture. Drawing influences from a wide array of sources including GHOSTEMANE and $UICIDEBOY$ to HO99O9 and SLIPKNOT. “Demoncore” explodes with an inhuman savagery entwined into the dynamic cross-genre sound.

It was a great pleasure to have the one and only Sam on the Interview to talk about Demoncore and his works and a great big future that he is stepping in,

Check out the complete interview on the YouTube video below

Vocals & lyrics: Sam Astaroth
Music: Alexandru Oprea (At Dawn’s Edge)

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