Samer Elnahhal is a Finnish bass player, who had served as OX in Lordi from 2005 to 2019. After his departure from the world famous monster band, he released his first independent record “Supernova Kill Road” during summer 2020, and in October 28th 2022, his second album “Dystopian Rose” was out.

Check out the Below Interview with Samer,

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine Samer, I’m Keith Clement, How are you doing today?

Thank you, Keith! I’m fine. Hope you’re fine too.

Your Sophomore album “Dystopian Rose” was out on October 28, Can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind it?

Sure! My writing process starts with lyrics. The best way for me to write lyrics is to go to my local bar alone, order a beer, look around and just start writing. Also it’s a great excuse to go out drinking! When I’ve written all the lyrics, at that point I also have an idea of the vocal melodies in the choruses and bridge parts in my head. Then I start writing the music. After that we did some bass/drum machine demos with my engineer Joonas Siikavirta, and sent it to my great drummer, Mr. Killjoy in Switzerland. And he does an outstanding job recording the drums. Every time I sent a demo, he sents the drum tracks back in a day or two and they’re perfect! I’m so proud to say that we didn’t have to do any editing with the drums, which is very rare these days. That gives this album a nice groove in my opinion. Then I record bass and guitars, then it’s the singers’ turn, then the guitar solo guests, the backing vocals and finally we add synths and some machine stuff with Joonas and then mix and that’s it.

Was there any particular concept behind Dystopian Rose?

Yes, I wanted to make a dystopian themed album. So lyricwise there’s different kinds of dystopias happening on this planet or some other planet somewhere, so I’m not forgetting the space theme either.

10 mind blowing songs, Beautifully written songs, great musicianship and totally an awesome album. As a creator how do you feel about the outcome?

Thank you, that’s great to hear! I’m really, really happy with the outcome. It’s even a lot better than what I was expecting, the musicianship, the sound, the art, everything. I’m so proud to have all these talented musicians and artists working with me.

Bringing seven guest vocalists who are totally outstanding, great work behind each songs, how does it feel to work with all these amazing people?

I feel blessed, man. I mean, they’re professionals that not only bring what you want to the songs, but they add their vibe, their ideas and just being able to be inside the song and bring just the right kind of atmosphere in it. For example, I almost gave up with “The Song of Death”, but then I played it to Simire, and she started singing it and was immediately breathing life into the song. She totally felt that it’s her song. And she had the idea of bringing in her sister to do the growling vocals for the song, which worked out perfectly. Also we came up with the idea of having a vocal solo in the style of the movie, The Fifth Element, in the song. And now that’s one of my favourite songs on the album.

You have put up a lyric video for DNA, do you have plans to make an official video sometimes later 2022 or in 2023?

Not right now, but I’m totally open for it if the opportunity comes.

Did you do anything special on the day of the release?

Went to that local bar where I wrote most of the album for a beer, and we listened to it there with the bartender lady.

How is the touring look for the end of 2022 and 2023?

Unfortunately I’m still in the process of thinking how I could do touring, but we’re getting there little by little.

A lifetime of a career with a spanning great years with Lordi and a great solo career, how do you feel about the road traveled so far?

I’m really happy of everything I’ve been able to experience, and I’m really happy I’m able to do my solo stuff now, even if it’s in a very small scale, but it’s very important to me. And it’s great to see that people are actually listening to it too.

What would be some of the upcoming plans?

Well, I don’t know if it’s ever gonna happen but I’m already writing more songs. I can’t stop anymore, I love the process of writing. Not sure if it’s the writing or being in the bar! Just kidding. Also I’m involved in a project that I can’t talk about yet, but really looking forward to that too. 

What would be some of the most memorable moments in your lifetime of music?

Travelling the world and playing music in many countries, seeing new places and meeting new people. Also that I’ve had a chance to meet some of my idols that were in the posters on the wall of my room when I was growing up.

Finally what would be the message for the fans?

Thank you for everything! Thank you for listening to the music and making it possible to be able and willing to do more. Also, thanks for all the nice feedback, it really warms my heart. All the best to all of you!

1.Dystopian Rose (feat. Tommi Mikael)
2.The Dead Party (feat. Brett Pirozzi)
3.DNA (feat. Simire)
4.Twilight Town (feat. Mica)
5.In the Name of Rock’n’roll (feat. Henry Lee Roots)
6.Terror Town (feat. Brett Pirozzi)
7.The Song of Death (feat. Simire)
8.Smoke Screen Dinner (feat. Tommi Mikael)
9.Volcano Woman (feat. Mike Kuparinen)
10.Modern Day Nostradame (feat. Niki Rock)

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