Photo Credit : Adrianna Ira Boatwright

“The big theme of this record is putting your life back together.” That’s Black Tusk guitarist/vocalist Andrew Fidler talking about the band’s new album, The Way Forward. “When everything seems like it’s against you, put your head down and push through. Take those bad things that are happening and use them to help create.” 

The Way Forward might be the Savannah swamp metal crew’s seventh album, but it marks many firsts for Black Tusk. It’s their first with their new lineup, which sees guitarist Chris “Scary” Adams and bassist Derek Lynch joining Fidler and drummer James May. Which also makes it Black Tusk’s first record with a two-guitar lineup. “We were able to add leads and harmonies and all kinds of stuff on the new record that we haven’t done in the past,” Fidler says. “As far as our records go, this one has the most guitar work.”

It was my pleasure to have Chris “Scary” Adams and Andrew Fidler on the Interview to speak on The Way Forward and much behind the scenes of Black Tusk. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

1. Out Of Grasp – 2:47
2. Brushfire – 2:22
3. Harness (The Alchemist) – 2:35
4. Lessons Through Deception – 2:14
5. Breath Of Life – 5:12
6. Dance On Your Grave – 2:54 [WATCH]
7. Against The Undertow – 3:06
8. Lift Yourself – 3:31
9. Ocean Of Obsidian – 2:50
10. Flee From Dawn – 3:38
11. The Way Forward – 4:40
Total runtime: 35:54

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Photo Credit : Adrianna Ira Boatwright

Andrew Fidler – Guitars, Vocals
James May – Drums, Vocals
Chris “Scary” Adams – Guitars, Vocals
Derek Lynch – Bass, Vocals, Synths

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