Walk Between Worlds is the eagerly awaited next chapter from the New Jersey based progressive trio, GATES TO THE MORNING. The release follows their debut album Return to Earth unleashed back in July 2019, which led to two regional tours throughout the East Coast and stretching into the Midwest with established acts such as ENEFERENS, VARAHA, WINDFAEER, SOLEMN VISION and more.

It’s a great pleasure to have Sean Meyers to talk on the new album and much more. Check out the Interview on YouTube video below.


  1. King Obscure
  2. Piscean Daydream
  3. Moon In The Mid-Day Sky
  4. Paradigms Fall
  5. Sacrament
  6. Chapel Perilous
  7. Chasing Shadows
  8. Terra Incognita
  9. Return To Earth
  10. Fortress (Piscean Reprise)

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