Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the Head, how are you today?

First of all,  Thanks a lot for having us in Metalheads Forever Magazine .We really appreciate it. We are just doing fine. Preparing us for some small shows here in Sweden.

Would you like to Introduce Horse Of Troja to the Metalheads Forever Readers?


Guitar Johan Easy Isacsson 
Vocal Hakan Rudberg 
Drums Pertti Tikkanen  ( TD ) 
Bass Riccardo Riva 
Guitar Arek Furdal 

You have released a few mind blowing singles a few to mention “Memories Of The Past”, “Live, Love & Die”, “No Mercy” all great work bringing the good old classic rock and metal back to the scene, it’s quite enjoyable and to listen and go way back to those good old days, how do you feel about the creation and giving awesome music to the metal fans around the world?

For us as a Band Growing up with Rainbow, Phenomena, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple if feels really good that people starting to like and listen to us. Makes us Proud because For us it was a great time in our lives and can we bring up some great memories with our songs, Then we have done something Right. 

You have planned to release an EP, how is it coming up, do you have a planned release date?

We haven’t set a release date for it yet because we have brought in 2 new members in Riccardo on Bass and Arek on Guitar and we feel that they 2 should also feel involved in this EP release so we are thinking a bit about recording some of these songs again and let them put their soul on the songs

Will you be working on an official music video in the coming days?

We have a lyric Video out there for Live Love And Die

And i can tell you guys exclusive that we gonna make another Lyric Video on a song called Leaving, We all like that song and its really fun playing it live but we feel that it has not received the attention it deserves.

Can you tell me how it all started for Horse Of Troja?

It probably started a little slowly with me getting a message on messenger from an organizer in Mexico who asked us if we would be interested in being part of a 5 band Live streamed festival Dec 2019. But as everyone knows by now, , Covid hit the World and put an end to this event. And as everyone also knows, the world has just opened up for Live Concerts. 

But after that, we have noticed that more and more people have started to find us on streaming sites, Radio stations around the world have started to play our songs. And it is great fun for us because it has meant that we have started a collaboration with Metallurg Music and we are currently planning a smaller Tour in Poland and Germany

Coming to songwriting, what are the topics that you usually write or its just diverse?

The lyrics wasn´t the main focus when we started to write music. Normally we started with a humbug lyric. But after a while the lyrics kind of came to us. You could say that most of our lyrics is about searching for something that you miss, love, kicks, excitement or just peace with yourself. I think that you in our coming songs will find the difference between a young person and a person with more life experience.

Would you like to share some memorable moments in the career of Horse Of Troja?

Send that question again in March and I might have something to tell you. Right now it’s just hard work getting our new members to learn the songs and getting to know each other

How has the music reach been over the year, how satisfied are you on the work and reception?

It goes up and down if you look at Streaming, for example. Some months we have many listeners, but sometimes not as many. But we hope that in 2023 when we get to come out and play in Sweden and Europe that we will find more fans for Horse Of Troja

What would be the message for the fans?

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who follow and listen to Horse Of Troja. If you come to our gigs, please come and say hello so we can thank you for your support.


Disturbingly Good


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