Texas-raised, Germany-based Rock’n’Roll trio MARFA MOTEL released their full-length, Wild Life Strangers, on November 18th.

MARFA MOTEL’s wild guitar riffs, insanely tight rhythm sections, and raw human emotion offer “a lot of stuff to wrap your head and heart around“,MARFA MOTEL’s singer, songwriter and guitarist Taylor Chess comments.

For more than two decades, Taylor Chess has been seasoning his brand of ravishing rock music with an eclectic mix of sonic and visual influences. Since their debut EP Inside Out in 2019, MARFA MOTEL have evolved from a rock band heavily influenced by skate punk into truly uncharted territory: With 2021’s stand-alone Give Me Fire, MARFA MOTEL established themselves as the contemporary incarnation of the Rock’n’Roll gods living on sensual R’n’B Mount Bling, carrying themselves with both the audacity of a narcissistic fuckboi and the authentic humility of a friend, with the ability to make you sweat profusely one second and stare deep into your soul the next. Their visceral songwriting is fueled by raw, uncensored lyrics, thick and warm Rock’n’Roll riffs, and energetic straight-forward drumming. 

The band has released two EPs and one stand-alone single since their inception in 2019.

It was a great pleasure to have an amazing chat with Taylor Chess on Wild Life Strangers, The Road he travelled and much more on Marfa Motel. Check out the below YouTube for the complete coverage.


01 Down By The River
02 Feel It
03 Give Me Fire
04 How Much It Hurts
05 Riding High
06 Take Me Home
07 They Call Me The Devil
08 This Is America
09 What You Gonna Do

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The Band

Taylor Chess – Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Simon Schneider – Drums
Nico Peifer – Bass

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