Interview With Terence & Steven Of Eclectic Metal Trio “Locrian”

Locrian was formed in late 2005 by André Foisy and Terence Hannum. Allmusic has described the band as an ”eclectic mixture of black metal, electronics, drone and noise rock”. The band have identified krautrock and ’90s death metal as influences as well. 

“New Catastrophism”, the first LOCRIAN release in seven years sees the iconic experimental music trio return back to their roots through four immersive tracks that signal towards the band’s signature expressions through dark ambient, experimental music, drone and post rock. Massive dystopian soundscapes through the intricate, layered, and spacious

November 8, they are releasing Archive 3: Visible/Invisible, I had the pleasure to have Terence & Steven to talk on the work behind and much of the happening with Locrian. Check out the awesome Interview with Terence & Steven on the below YouTube Video.

  1. Visible/Invisible
  2. Visible/Invisible Reverse
  3. Visible/Invisible (Live)
  1. Mortichnia
  2. The Glare Is Everywhere And Nowhere Our Shadow
  3. Ncomplete Map Of Voids
  4. Cenotaph To The Final Glacier

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The Band

Terence Hannum (synthesizers, vocals, tape loops)
 André Foisy (guitars, electronics)
 Steven Hess (drums, electronics)  

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