Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, How are you today?

Hello dearest and thank you so much for your invitation! Everything is fine here dear! I am in the recording studio right now! 

Your First Single “Let’s Rock” was released on December 1st along with a music video, can you tell me about the song and making of the video?

Yes, a new milestone achieved! I am very happy with the single! It was composed together with three great friends and musicians – Steve Volta, Alfredo Gargaro and Marco Angelo! Really a beautiful adventure! Also for the video there was a lot of work by the whole team and a special thanks goes to my wife for directing and editing! The single is about true and unique rock! That rock that puts you on a journey, that makes you discover life! That rock that boils in your veins and you can’t wait to shout your passion for it to the world! Yes, can I say it? It is an ode to Rock and I wanted to give some adrenaline to the listener of this track and I think I succeeded eheheheh

Your new album “Destiny & Hope” is at work, Can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the upcoming album?

A lot of work is really going on for the new album! After the success of Long Road, released in 2019, I decided to continue this long road that is bringing me more and more satisfaction both in work and in life! Exactly, in one’s road in life, each of us needs hope and thinking about a destiny to be achieved! I cannot say much yet, because it is all in the works, but I can guarantee an extraordinary work, full of guests and full of passion a more for music and for the work I have been doing for almost 20 years now. 

Does the album has a specific theme or concept?

Well, look, specifically, as just said, I think this new album, it really came to me from within! I felt that something inside me telling me to continue that musical journey that I started a few years ago in writing Long Road. It is and will be an album that I will definitely cherish! I always try to put so much of myself into what I do and make myself more and more known to the public through my work. So, it will definitely be another nice accomplishment that I will always remember. We are currently in the studio working and trying to put our best foot forward , to make sure that we come out with a really good product, so….expect another nice bag full of music and a desire to pass on all our love in creating music

Do you have a planned release date for the album?

Still no so far. I decided to release the single “LET’S ROCK” to give a very small preview of the whole project, but right now it’s all in the working stages, so there’s no release date at the moment

Do you plan to release another single before the release of the album?

I think so, since it will still be a long time before the album comes out, I think in a few months you will hear another nice advance of “Destiny and Hope” very definitely ehehehe

Would you like to introduce Mr Jack to the  Metalheads audience and how it all started for you?

Ah well, I hope I don’t bore you ahahahha. Mr.Jack is a music lover with a huge desire to make his ideas heard by the audience! I really love performing live, because I love the contact with the audience, feeling the adrenaline and the warmth that the crowd gives off , when they come to hear you. I really like to talk to those who follow me, to know the ideas of those who like my music, I love so much to collaborate with other musicians, because as I always say, you never stop learning, and honestly, I’m really learning a lot in the last few years! I am a multi-instrumentalist, music producer and voice teacher. I love music and I think this is okay, otherwise I risk writing a book for this question of yours ahahahaha

Being one of the iconic musician from Italy for years now and the founder of Wanikiya Records, How has the music industry been for you so far?

First of all, thank you very much for the compliments, but surely there are a lot of people better than me ahahahahha. Mah, look, the music industry, unfortunately, like all over the world, after covid has had so many problems, in the previous years you could already feel some problems in the air about sales, live shows decreasing etc., but after the bad covid situation, there was really a shambles unfortunately! Fortunately, we are slowly seeing the sun again. Bands are eager to play, people are eager to attend concerts and hear new music, so in my opinion, we are coming back more energized than ever! 

What would be some of the highlight moments for you?

The joy you get from family, friends, and clearly the fans! Then, this year I also got married, so I think I experienced one of the most wonderful emotions of my life! For me these are the joys of life, a smile from a loved one, compliments from a fan listening to my music, a laugh in the company of a close friend, etc. 

What’s the dream?

I think my dream is what I have been living for a long time! To take my music to every home in the world, to love my work and my family! However, if Metallica called me to collaborate on one of their albums, that would also be a big dream for me ahahahhahahahah

What are your plans to take Mr. Jack on a global scene?

What I’ve been working on for years and slowly I’m getting there, you don’t have to ask for everything right away! In life, goals are earned through humility, perseverance and the desire to pursue one’s dreams! In the past years, no one knew me, then, slowly, work after work, I started to take my first steps and now, I am creating my own musical lifeline and I am coming a little from everywhere! So, get ready, that soon I will also enter your lives ahahahha

How does it feel to be making music again after a hiatus?

It feels more charged than before!!! Although I think I never stopped, because as Long Road came out, I was already thinking about what I could create next and I almost immediately got to work. The breaks are about getting a good understanding of what you want to do and every now and then I stopped (I am not a runaway train hahaha). You have to think hard about what to work on and not to disappoint the fans! But trust me, every now and then it’s good to have a good rest to rest your mind and body, and when you are rested, you will be more willing to give your best for your work and for those who follow you! 

What is the message for the fans?

I can only thank them for all their love! As I always say, you are the engine of a musician! You always convey to me excellent emotions and eagerness to always give my best in my work! Thank you for being there! Thank you too dear for this wonderful interview and a mega hello to all readers!!! 

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