Babylon A.D. announce their brand new studio album “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” to be released May 17th on Perris Records. It’s been 6 years since the last studio album “Revelation Highway” came out and the band has grown a lot since then. The live album that was released last year, ”Live Lightning” really super-charged the band to get back on their game and they really put a lot of time and effort into the album and it really paid off. The band had over 20 songs to choose from and they picked what they believe are the best 11 tracks to represent the band’s sound and direction.

Derek Davis is really excited about the new record, “The fans are really gonna love the new Babylon A.D. album. You know what they say’ “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day” and this album took some time but “man was it worth the wait! We got real lucky to have Grammy award winner David Donnelly ‘DNA Mastering’ to master the album, he’s done many top records we’ve all heard, ‘Motley Crue”, Chicago”, Aerosmith”, Slash” and a whole lot more bands we all know. This guy has got a great ear and knows his turf.”

It was a great pleasure to have Derek Davis on the Interview to speak on the new album and decades of music and career. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

Track listing and songwriters:

1. Wrecking Machine 4:16 *D. Davis – J. Matthews*
2. Pain 4:09 *D. Davis – J. Matthews – R. Freschi*
3. Sometimes Love Is Hell 5:25 *D. Davis*
4. Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day 4:27 *D. Davis*
5. Looking For A Heartbeat 4:21 *D. Davis – R. Freschi*
6. I Will Never Break Again 7:00 *D. Davis – J. Matthews*
7. White Hot Bullet 3:45 *D. Davis*
8. Crashed Into The Sun 4:52 *D. Davis – R. Freschi – D. Soto – C. Pepe*

9. Face Of GOD 6:30 *D. Davis*
10. Shut Up 4:31 *D. Davis – D. Soto – C. Pepe*
11. Super Beast 3:43 *R. Freschi – J. Matthews – D. Soto*

Check Out Wrecking Machine Single/Video Below

The Band

Derek Davis – Lead Vocals./Piano/Guitars
Ron Freschi – Guitars/Backing Vocals
John Matthews – Guitars/Backing Vocals
Craig Pepe – Bass/Backing Vocals
Dylan Soto – Drums

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