Ethical Dilemma is the result of a collaboration between Terra 1nc0gnita’s vocalist, Billy Vass, and multi-musician/producer, Bob Katsionis. The idea that started as a solo album for Vass, concluded to a progressive metal album, that could not go without the established name of Katsionis on the project, as a whole. With this in mind, the 2 collaborators joined their love for progressive metal music, each with his distinctive angle on songwriting, and the result is an 8 song journey, into the depths of time-changing signatures, complex guitars, and keyboards, and the unique 4-octave range of Billy Vass.  

It seemed the timing was right for Katsionis and Vass to put something like this together, sighting the hiatus that Vass is taking from songwriting for Terra 1nc0gnita, and Bob stepping down from his responsibilities from the mighty Firewind. Joined by long time friends and bandmates Bill DiBenedetto on the drums and Telis Kafkas, one of Greece’s best professional bass players, they grabbed the chance to start songwriting, together, and the outcome is this exceptional record.

It was a great pleasure to have Billy to talk on his work with Bob Katsionis on Ethical Dilemma which was out on February 2022 and talked about his amazing band “Terra Incognita”

Check out the amazing Billy on the below YouTube video


  1. Message To The Masses
  2. Mark The Moment
  3. Web Weaver
  4. Dreamscreen
  5. Echoes In Paradise
  6. Purify
  7. Faceless Encounter
  8. I Walk Alone

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Terra Incognita

Led by the charismatic New York native, front-man Billy Vass, Terra Incognita is a band treading waters in a multitude of metal subgenres. The band manages to blend them all together seamlessly, generating a unique and unmistakable sound, melodic, yet full of healthy aggression! With a firm base of classic melodic heavy metal at their core, their fusion of progressive, epic and atmospheric elements is reinforced and enhanced by the inclusion of dark themes throughout their compositions and lyrical subjects. Terra Incognita was born in 2010. After the self-release of their inaugural album, “Barren Land”,which was received favourably by the press – including Metal Hammer – and having aired their first official music video clip, “OUTCOME”,on Mtv’s HeadbangersBall, the band went through line-up changes. After supporting their album with many lives shows, both locally and abroad,(Rock Harvest Fest, House of Rock, Baltimore, U.S.A.)Terra Incognita had to re-invent itself. This sensitive stage, ultimately forced the band into a 2 year hiatus.

The band has released an E.P. & a full length L.P. since then

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