Interview With The Legendary “Pete Agnew” Of Nazareth

Photo Credit: Nazareth Official Website/Dagmar Heinrich-Hoppen

It is difficult to sum up in few words the history and influence in the history of rock music that an act like Nazareth has had. Having celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2018 with the release of their 24th studio album, “Tattooed On My Brain”, the long-running UK hard rockers will enter their 54th year of existence in 2022 with the release of their 25th studio album, “Surviving The Law”. The line-up for “Surviving The Law” is the same as the previous release, consisting of Jimmy Murrison (longest serving guitarist in the band’s history), Lee Agnew (drummer since Darrel Sweet’s death in 1999), Pete Agnew (founding member, on bass) and vocalist Carl Sentance.

“Surviving The Law” the 25th album from Nazareth is nothing but hard rock awesomeness, 14 tracks of amazing songs that runs for almost 49 minutes, Wow what a musical experience yet again from the Scottish Legend “Nazareth” It’s hard to describe their musical awesomeness from their self titled debut in 1971 to this day. Nazareth is the most celebrated band in the history of Rock.

It was my pleasure and honor to Interview the Bassist and founding member of Nazareth Pete Agnew, We spoke about Surviving the law and much more, Check out the awesome and most amazing Pete Agnew talking about Nazareth in the below YouTube (Audio).


Strange Days
You Gotta Pass It Around
Better Leave It Out
Mind Bomb
Sweet Kiss
Falling In Love
Waiting For The World To End
Let The Whisky Flow
Ciggies And Booze
Psycho Skies
Love Breaks
You Made Me

Total length: 0.49.14

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Photo Credit: Nazareth Official Website/Dagmar Heinrich-Hoppen

Carl Sentance – Vocals
Jimmy Murrison – Guitar
Pete Agnew – Bass
Lee Agnew – Drums

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