Altamadum was born in Thunder Bay, ON in the fall of 2007. Lead guitarist Cam Thomas & drummer Brendan Byers approached classmate James Cole, with the hopes of him filling in on bass guitar. The trio carried on writing mostly instrumental pieces for the next few months. Cole suggested that Sam Mucha come-on to sing for the group. Cole received a demo of Mucha singing & was impressed by the singer’s diversity & range. Cole presented the demo to the band & they agreed to have Mucha come tryout on the condition he be able to play rhythm guitar, Mucha accepted. It was at this time that the band decided to adopt the name ‘Altamadum’ as the new title.

On October 21’s Altamadum released the much awaited “In My Blood”, It was a great pleasure to have Cam, Brendan and James on the Interview to talk on the album and much more, Check out the awesome interview with the boys and don’t forget to get your copy of In My Blood.


  1. Six
  2. Run From You
  3. Last Chance
  4. Upon Yourself
  5. Blind Through Time
  6. Echo In the Night
  7. In My Blood
  8. All I’d Do
  9. On My Own
  10. End Of The Road

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The Band

Sam Mucha – Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals/Lyricist
Cam Thomas – Lead Guitar
James Cole – Bass Guitar & Backup Vocals/Lyricist
Brendan Byers – Drums & Percussion

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