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Juggernauts of melodic death metal BRYMIR are striking back with their long awaited, powerful studio album, Voices In The Sky, out on August 26 via Napalm Records! Looking back at three internationally praised albums, the band is back for more, stirring up the scene once again.

Voices In The Sky marks a hefty next level creation serving a more modernized answer to melodic death metal with an unstoppable sound, massive production, deep grooves and air-tight technicality. Nevertheless, BRYMIR continues to draw inspiration from traditional genres like folk and classical music, crafting their own blend of epic melody, haunting melancholy and relentless velocity – all brought together perfectly at the hands of the band.

It was my pleasure to have the amazing Viktor on the Interview to talk on Voices In The Sky and much more, Check out the complete interview on the You Tube Video Below.

Voices In The Sky track listing:
1. Voices in the Sky
2. Forged in War
3. Fly with Me
4. Herald of Aegir
5. Rift Between Us
6. Landfall
7. Borderland
8. Far from Home
9. Seeds of Downfall
10. All as One
11. Diabolis Interium (Bonus)

Music Videos

The Band

Viktor Gullichsen – Vocals
Joona Björkroth – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Sean Haslam – Guitars
Jarkko Niemi – Bass, Backing vocals
Patrik Fält – Drums

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