What was the beginning pint for your music career? How did it all start?

I’ve been writing songs since I’m a teenager basically. But never really produced any. That’s how my project Vimaara started. I wanted to release some songs that were my favorite amongst all that I’ve written in the past. So the songs are quite old haha. That’s what my 2 EPs Ad Astra & Ad Inferi contain.

Was there any bumps on the road? What kind of challenges did you have to deal with?

I think now that I launched this project, this is becoming the more challenging part of my music career. How to get people to know me, how to keep the project afloat, how to be relevant. All of these questions are in my mind. Working more is always the answer. 

What was the most fulfilling and satisfying moment so far?

The release of my debut double EP for sure ! I’ve talked about this project to a lot of friends. So I’m happy everyone can finally listen. I’m also happy personally that I succeeded to produce these songs by myself, as Vimaara is a solo project. I’m also happy that now I can move on and write new songs!

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Progressive metal. Might be a bit tricky but I think it’s where I fit best. It’s kinda difficult to put your music in a genre. 

What is your creative process like?

I first think about a theme for the song. This is my main point to begin with. Then I list musical ideas I want to integrate. I try to build a structure that matches the idea of the song and integrates the musical ideas. I then write the instrumental and try to get inspired by the music I’m writing to write little pieces of lyrics. Then when everything is complete, I would do some fine-tuning and arrangement until I’m happy. Melodically, I usually write the melodic parts first and write the drums in the end.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

As I’m a starting independent artist, I don’t have too many topics yet to talk about. But as everyone should know, what streaming platforms pay the artists is ridiculous. I think something should be done in that sense. I saw Deezer going in the right direction recently on this topic. Others should follow their direction (especially Spotify). 

If you were asked to give a piece of advice to upcoming bands, what would that be?

Make up a plan and stick to it! I think most of the bands that are getting exposure are bands that released consistently for the past ⅚ years at least.

If you didn’t become a musician, what would you be doing now?

As this is not my job, I would still probably be an engineer.

What is new with the band at the moment? What are you currently working on and would like to share with the world?

The debut EPs from Vimaara are out. Available everywhere! Go take a listen. Other things linked to this release will unravel gradually until the end of the year.


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