Photography by James Weber
Photography by James Weber

KILLCODE is a five piece American based rock band that hails from New York City. Their unique sound and style has been described as Southern infused Rock/ Metal with modern day vocals.

KILLCODE’s songs are hooky super charged anthems with big guitars and driving rhythms that pumps a shot of adrenaline into your system the moment you hear them.

KILLCODE, founded by vocalist/frontman Tom Morrissey and guitarist Chas, laid down the KILLCODE foundation with a couple of tracks they recorded at their home studio. After listening back, they knew they were on to something big! Next up would be recruiting long time musical companion Erric Bonesmith on bass guitar and Rob Noxious on the drums to complete their rhythm section.

With all members coming from established projects prior to KILLCODE, the band quickly raised eyebrows and landed on bills with the likes of Godsmack & Sevendust. KILLCODE also provided main support to Brett Scallions on the Re Fueled East Coast tour.

To date, the band has released ‘To Die For’, a six song EP and a second six song EP, ‘Taking it All’. Both EPs charted well nationally and gained the band critical acclaim worldwide. The song “Breaking Away,” off of ‘Taking It All’, was featured in the inspirational documentary, ‘DRESSED’, directed by David Swajeski and starring fashion designer Nari Manivong and “6am Again”, which appears on both their debut EP, “To Die For” and the self titled full length album, has been featured on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius/XM.

With momentum building, KILLCODE entered the studio once again with Juno nominated producer Stacy O’Dell (who produced both prior EPs) to record the full length, twelve song self-titled effort, ‘KILLCODE’. The album charted in the #2 position for a week on BILLBOARD’s Mid-Atlantic Heatseekers Charts. CME Records recently re-released the album via Mega force/Sony Red with two bonus tracks, which will extend the bands reach even further.

KILLCODE then decided to add a second guitarist by welcoming DC Gonzalez. DC, known as lead guitarist for the rock band Panzie, has proven to more than just fit in, his style complements what

KILLCODE already had going on and it has reinvigorated the band as they head into the studio with producer Joey Zampella (best known as guitarist for legendary bands Life of Agony, Carnivore, and Stereomud).

KILLCODE has enjoyed an ever growing fan base both nationally and internationally, they continue to headline and sell out prominent marquee venues including New York City’s Irving Plaza, Gramercy Theater and Bowery Ballroom as well as tremendously successful support gigs at Roseland Ballroom and Sony Playstation Theater. Their Tristate area success was complimented by successful shows at the Dunkin Donuts Arena in New Hampshire, Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts and The Viper Room in Los Angeles.

KILLCODE has recently released a video for their song, “Wrong Side” which was filmed all over New York State and was directed by David Swajeski and Produced by Maryanne Grisz.

KILLCODE has just partnered with Coallier Entertainment to help extend their reach internationally by bringing the band out to perform at prestigious festivals around the world such as Guitare En Scene in France, Bang Your Head Festival in Germany, Hell & Heaven Festival in Mexico and more.

KILLCODE plan to release their new album produced by Joey Z in late 2016 and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. KILLCODE are ready and able to take their rightful place alongside the biggest rock acts out there. This is only the beginning….

KILLCODE – Anthems for Outlaws! INTERVIEW



Photo:Nikki Benton

Welcome to Metalheads Forever magazine, it’s an honour to talk to you Rockstars! How have you been?

Thanks for the interview! We’ve been great and very busy!

As we know, Tom and Chas laid the KILLCODE foundation with a couple of tracks they recorded at their home studio. Were you guys just jamming or did you have something on your minds already?

We knew we wanted to start something but at that point we were just writing/jamming to see if anything clicked. We didn’t have a band name yet or other people in mind. Luckily it did click!

Tell us about the NYC scene?

When we first started, there was a bit of a quiet/down time in the NYC hard rock scene. There were a bunch of great bands that were either calling it quits or moving on to the next level and touring the world. KILLCODE started putting together shows with other new local acts and it started a resurgence. We didn’t want it to be just a KILLCODE show but a local event. We tried our best to make each show feel/look that way and book our favorite bands alongside us. I felt and feel that it’s coming back strong and there is a comradery amongst the local bands that I feel is still growing. NYC has been a home to many great bands but the landscape has changed. The Graffiti covered streets are being replaced by designer shops and Starbucks, but there are still some great smaller clubs to play and bars to hang at, which always helps cultivate a scene . The Mercury Lounge, Arlene’s Grocery, The Knitting Factory/Brooklyn and St. Vitus are all places we cut our teeth at. The Bowery Ballroom and Webster Hall are some of our favorite bigger rooms to play. Duff’s in Brooklyn, Three of Cup’s and Pinks are bars you’ll find most of the bands hanging after their shows and swapping stories .

15301180_10155189719066111_1228605936_nWhat bands/musicians influenced you to pursue music? What are your favourite artists?

Bands like Black Sabbath, Zeppelin, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Guns and Roses, Twisted Sister and Alice In Chains are all influences. I really dig The “Who”. We dig all kinds of music and if it’s a great well written song we probably can take something away from it regardless of Genre.

How big a task was it to recruit your long time musical companion Erric Bonesmith and Rob Noxious to complete your rhythm section? How did you guys meet?

Its wasn’t too hard. Chas and Eric had been long time friends. We met Rob Noxious from a post that Mistress Juliya, who was a VJ on Fuse at the time, put out on Social media for us mentioning we were looking for  a drummer.

A teaser about the upcoming album? What are the themes?

For the most part, it’s what we usually write about. Some of it’s personal and some of it is just straight up, put your fist in the air Rock and Roll! The ups and downs of life, the hang and the hangover.

With all members coming from established projects prior to KILLCODE, how have you guys been managing the time for the band and touring?

We came from those bands but are not still in them, with the exception of DC, who is still in Panzie. So it’s not hard to make it work.

‘To Die For’ and ‘Taking it All’ – both your EPs charted well nationally and gained the band critical acclaim worldwide. With your tracks being featured in many documentaries and shows, tell us about it.

Those two EPS started the fire that we’ve been fanning since and it helped our moral and pushed us to make things bigger and better. Having our songs in movies and documentaries is definitely a confidence builder and it’s very special hearing your song on the big screen. We also met David Swajeski, who directed the Documentary “Dressed” which our song “Breaking Away” was the theme song for. We hit it off and he has been directing our music videos ever since .

Your unique sound and style has been described as Southern infused Rock/ Metal with “modern day vocals”. Do you agree? What according to you are “Modern day vocals”?

For the most part I agree. I think the Modern vocals part comes from the fact that I don’t just stick to just one style of singing and even rap a bit here and there . Many of the older bands tend to be afraid to try different styles .

Following the track of the last question, what do you think about the highly popularised “Genre categorising”system? Though most artists claim to hate it.

I understand the need to categorize things a bit, to me good music is good music and that’s all I really care about .

15388836_10155189717446111_296470445_oWhat do you do when you’re not touring/jamming?

There are other things to do? lol

Your creations are termed as “Hooky super charged anthems with big guitars and driving rhythms that pump a shot of adrenaline into your system the moment you hear them”, which are lyrically very uplifting. Why did you name your band “KILLCODE”?

It’s a military term (“assessment in probability of kill shots”) that we felt related to what we wanted to do with our music .

You guys travel a lot. Tell us about your upcoming tours.

We have a bunch of 2017 dates that we’ll be announcing soon but up next is a Halloween show with LITA FORD in PA. In November we return to Mexico for the Corona Northside Festival. We’re excited to be playing alongside bands like KISS, Twisted Sister, Lamb of God, Suicidal Tendencies, Sepultura and more!

Wildest thing you’ve done onstage? Or any memories you’d like to share with us?

There are many but if I/we told you those we’d have to kill you.

Thank you so much for being with us. Leave a messages for your fans!

You’re welcome and thanks for having me! To say that we, the band are grateful and excited about everything that is going on is an understatement.

Thanks for all your messages of support and for spreading the :::CODE:::!!!

Keep it going and we have a lot more to give.

When we say KILL….you say CODE!!!

Shibalika Tamuli / Metalheads Forever Magazine

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