Life Curse Interview

By Gothik Divaa

The American Metallers “Life Curse”, will be with us in this issue of “Metalheads Forever”, talking about their career and the album “The Wolf You Feed”. Hello guys ! Greetings from Mexico City,First of all congratulations for your album .You have been in this journey for around 8 years, How has the evolution of the band been in this time?


Our evolution has been very natural. We always make it a point not to force the band to make music a certain way or look a certain way. We pride ourselves on staying true to ourselves and our music.


How it has been the reception of the scene with you?


The reception has been amazing. We always said that as soon as people stop listening and stop coming to shows we will stop playing but every time we play we gain more new fans and remind the old ones why they are fans. We come from a small town that is a very tight community so we treat our fans the same way.


You guys have several musical influences like: Parkway Drive, The Ghost Inside, August Burns Red, Texas in July and many more, I want to know, How do you mix these influences into your project?


We try not to draw too much influence from them musically, but more professionally. The way they tour relentlessly, their live performance, their album, just their approach of their band as their way to make a living. It is very powerful because they are all very positive inspirational individuals outside of the music so it’s always good to have hard working people to look up to. On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to collaborate with one of your music heroes, Who would you like to collaborate with? and why ?


Personally I would love to work with Chino from Deftones. The way their band was able to be successful while nu-metal was on the rise and people tried to group them in with the rap-core movement, but they stayed away and kept writing killer music. His voice is one of the best in the industry also. If you have ever seen them live you will know why.


Changing the subject and talking about your album “The Wolf You Feed”, How was the creative

process of this project?


When we started writing this album, we had no songs prepared. So everything written was from the

ground up. We worked really hard to push our limits and write music that was more approachable and accessible. Music that would move people, physically or spiritually. That was our sole purpose, was to outperform ourselves on the last two records. We definitely did that with this album.


What has been the feedback from the fans with this work ?


Feedback has been genuinely positive. We don’t listen to a lot of the negative feedback or criticisms

because they usually aren’t very well thought out. We write and perform music. If you don’t like it, don’t listen to it, but don’t tell us why we suck and how our music could be better. Just go start a band and spend your time doing something you do like instead of talking about something you don’t. But all of our fans genuinely love the new music, they are extremely excited to hear it because the little pieces they have heard here and there are really catchy so they want more.

Talking about other projects that the band has, you have collaborated with organizations and charities right! How has that work been for you?


It has been a great experience. It is always good to go out and do something for other people who are less fortunate or things that you may not benefit from but that will help others. Charity work is a part of life and we do not mind donating our time if our music will help raise money or bring light to a certain cause.


What has been the most emotional moment for you? I meanwith this kind of collaborations?


The most emotional moment for us as a band was probably hearing this album after we finished tracking everything. At times we weren’t sure if this album would even come out. It is very difficult being in a band and holding it together and juggling the lives of 5 people while also trying to push out music that is above what we expect of ourselves. But just doing things naturally has worked for us so far so we are gonna stick with that and hope it works out for us!


And finally, I would like to know what is next for the band? (after the promotion of this album)?


After this album we are just going to tour and play more concerts and try and get out there and play

music for as many people as we can! We want to become an international band so touring in Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Europe are all places we want to go play our music ASAP!


Well I want to thank you for the interview for “Metalheads Forever Magazine”, we wish you the best with this album and we hope to see you soon on the road, have a nice day.

MHF Magazine/Gothik Divaa


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