LIK Interview

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how are you today Niklas?


Hi! All good here! Attending a Swallow The Sun show as drink tech later today, that can’t go wrong can it ?


Not in my World, I would be expert drink tech and cheer for all your groupies ahahah.


Can you tell us how it all started as you all work in different bands already?


That´s true. Chris also plays in Witchery and Tomas got Nale and i Katatonia. So we all have our other things on the side of LIK. The whole thing came together when Chris played, back in the day, in the band ”The Resistance”. He needed a place to host his drums and practice. He found that in the Nale rehearsal room. It wouldn’t take long at all before him and Tomas started to jam together and find out that they both loved death metal. After a few sessions, Tomas called me up and asked if I´d be interested in taking part. I asked how rich we would get, he lied and i was sold. Jokes aside that’s pretty much how it all started.


How and why did you come up with the name “Corpse” ?


We were juggling with loads of different names, but nothing that really worked for us and would represent the gritty music we play. Chris later came up with the idea and both me and Tomas though it sounded cool. It all came together perfectly when our friend and my band mate from Katatonia, Anders made the logo. It’s so direct and ”in your face”. We love it.


Your recent album “Carnage” is released May 4th, how did it turn out in your opinion? did it meet your expectations? what can the fans expect from the new album?


Oh yes, it sure meets our own expectations. We´re super happy about it. We had our concerns and doubts that it would be better or just as good as the previous one. But when all the songs came together and especially in the studio, we knew we had a gem in our hands. The fans can expect everything and a little bit more compared with the debut ”Mass Funeral Evocation”. And with a little bit more, I´m not talking about us throwing in a flute or child’s choir. It’s just taken up a notch. Think of a putting another patty in that cheeseburger you’ve loved for years, and it works!


Your latest release “Carnage” was released through Legends Metal Blade Records, how did it come about to sign with them and how has the relationship been so far? everything you expected?


It was through contacts we came in touch with Metal Blade records and with help from Ula at Clandestine music, we bonded and have now a really good relationship. It’s been good right from the bat. We had a few other labels we talked with, but nothing came close to the feeling of both heritage and that they still have a burning passion for great metal. That’s important to us!

How was it to once again work with Lawrence Mackrory?


It was a smooth operation as always. Me and Tomas has been recording with Lawrence for more than 10 years now. He’s very direct, but in a good way if there’s something he doesn’t like music wise. He understands us both in a personal and musical way. So it’s hanging out with a buddy, getting loads of shit done in a short period of time. For me personally, it can be stressful to go into a studio environment, trying to nail tracks in a quick matter. But with Lawrence, you can be relaxed.


How was it to work in the famous dugout studios?


It was of course a humbling experience. But the studio is only the gear, walls and coffee maker. It’s the people inside that counts. And it was a super good experience to work with Daniel Bergstrand as well. He was there at the startup, but rocked off when we hit the record button. A very cool guy!


On this new recording you get much more an extension of your debut album so to speak, slow Bone crushing riffs to mind bending fast and speedy riffs, was this the goal to be similar? To keep to a winning formula?


There wasn’t any target or goal set up. The songs go in the direction of what we want with the band. And it’s to play old school Stockholm death metal. And as we all have the same love for Dismember, we also sound very similar to them. And I don’t know if this is a winning formula in terms of breaking grounds or winning loads of fans. But it’s the most successful for us, as it’s exactly what we want to play. It’s a drug that puts a smile on your face every time!


The lyrics are tight and well done bone chilling and about everything from Heaven and Hell and touching on fiction and reality. Who is responsible for writing the songs? or is it a collective effort?


You can say that it is both. Tomas came up with most part of all the songs on this record. But me and Chris contributes with our own gory and gruesome riffs. We all also brings our lines of lyrics to the table collectively. We have the same taste and humour there, so that’s the best recipe!


Where can fans find you playing this upcoming summer, any smaller warm up gigs or larger venues and festivals?


Unfortunately, this album comes out a bit late and not having a booking agent yet makes it difficult to secure summer festivals and such. We have a club gig in Stockholm, together with ”Under The Church” and a gig later on in Helsinki this year. But we sure have other ones that’s not official yet. So stay tuned on our social medias to know first where we hit with our dm!

How have you been received by Fans of your full time bands and do you feel a different vibe from them during your show’s?


I can only speak for the Katatonia fans. I don’t think too many of them has gotten to know LIK yet, but I hope they will with time. The ones that has and given me feedback thinks it’s awesome. Katatonia has a very open minded crowd, and also diverse. So there´s most certainly lot´s of death metal headbangers in there!


Your debut “Mass Funeral Evocation” is considered one of the best Death Metal album to listen to , how do you feel about that credit?


That’s an honor and great! Of course you feel very humbled about it and happy. Can´t get a better feedback than that. It means that we did what we set out to do well. And I bet one contributing factor to this is that we record drums and rhythm guitars live in the studio. It makes it sound on record as it does live. And hearing a band you love live is the best!


What are the next plans for the band? yourself ? any other side projects?


Katatonia is on a break at the moment, so I´m focusing on this band 100%. So the plan is to come out and play as much live as possible. And do tours in a way we haven’t before. As Darth Vader said ”There´ll be nothing to stop us this time”.


Is this going to be a full time band, or a band which will make music when there is a break from your regular bands?


That’s something that time will tell, but for now it’s a band that we love to play in and have on the side of our other bands and projects.


Thanks for your Interview, do you have a message for the fans?


Keep on keepin´ on!

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