Manipulation’s The Future of Immortality

Album Review/Interview by Monica Redwine

Manipulation is another of the bands I wish I had heard of years ago. Formed in 2001, Manipulation hail from Poland, and their band was the first one I selected off the list of bands to be reviewed. I had never heard of them when I picked them and when I first turned their music on I was immediately glad I had selected them. I’m not big on genres and I don’t know exactly what they would be classified as but what I do know is they are beyond bad ass. Their songs are powerful, hard, intense, and even after you turn it off you are left with that feeling. As a matter of fact, I was so intrigued and impacted by their sound that I decided to reach out to them when I discovered they had an email address on their Facebook page. I had a few questions that I wanted to get some clarity on as far as their lineup went, but I was also just curious about them.

So, I sent them an email:

Hey guys, I’m Monica Redwine, aka admin horridhavoc, with Metalheads Forever. I’m writing an album review for Metalheads Forever Magazine on Manipulation’s re-release of The Future of Immortality and was just wondering if I could get a few questions answered. 

Manipulation’s response: (guitarist Rado.Slav is the one responding to my questions)

Hi Monica!

Of course, it’s not a problem to answer Your questions.

Thank You for Your interest in band.

(ME): What is the current member line up & who does what? 

I was unfamiliar with the band before I took the review and have searched but haven’t found each member’s role though I did find their names. I just want to make sure I have the current lineup.


Rado.Slav – guitar

Vulture – Guitar

KRet – Vocals

Kriss – Drums

Bysiek – Bass

(ME): What would you say is the main message of this album? 

I think it’s a great album and I’m excited about having the opportunity to review it. 


First of all, thank You so much for enjoying this old shit! 🙂 You know when I write this album I was a teenager like 18 or 19 years old so You know I was a rebellious person which like drink a lot and use some drugs. I don’t think too much about main messages – it was coming out from inside of me. From my rebel and sorrow which I holding inside me.

Story look like this: When I was on a high found an old book with some psychological themes. It was a Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of “Brainwashing” book by psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton on the psychology of mind control.

I start to read this, and this was very interesting for me at that moment and I come up on idea to make a debut album about this. Every song in album talking step by step how to control human population or group from basic things to dispensing of their existence. This book was separated by 8 parts and every song in that album is about one. Is like concept album actually. In short is an album about Manipulation or how to manipulate population or group step by step. Main thing I think is to show for peoples how government and some groups leaders can use us. How blind and programmed we are in everyday life.

(ME):  What is the band’s favorite track from the album and why? 

Mine was “Mystical Manipulation”– just bad ass!


Is hard to tell because we never officially released this album before. Album is from 2007 and we do this in the end of 2017 (10 years after) This time we worked on our IV studio album titled Mind Control Ultra for which we are looking for some contract now. We took a long hard studio session and focus all things on recording of our new album. This one (The Future of Immortality) we do for our old fans which are with us from old times to nowadays to complete our discogrophy and I don’t think too much about these old songs. You know this is actually our music from 2007 now is 2018. And if I need to be honest with You and fans I don’t think “which one is the best”. This music is for our fans, I don’t contemplate to much about this release.

(ME):  What does the future hold for the band?


We will for sure work hard to improve our music skills more and more. We want to sign some good deal for release of our upcoming album and that’s it. One thing is 100% certain we will do our music all the time and play some concerts and we know our value as a band.

Best Regards from Manipulation!


I was super pleased that they responded to me in the first place, but Rado.Slav went above and beyond answering my few questions.

As you read, the original release of The Future of Immortality occurred in 2007 and was re-released on 12/24/2017. From beginning to end it is absolutely great in my humble opinion. It starts off extremely strong with “Milieu Control”. The 2nd track on the album just happens to be my personal favorite, “Mystical Manipulation”. Can you insane drumming (high-five to Kriss on that one)? And the vocals and guitars are great as well— just the best overall for me! Don’t let my personal love for that one track have you mistakenly thinking that the rest of the album doesn’t compare because that is simply not the case. “Sacred Science” would be my second favorite on the album. There is really no way for me to explain to you guys how great the album is. Seriously, just go listen to it!

Track listing:

  1. Milieu Control
  2. Mystical Manipulation
  3. Demand of Purity
  4. Confession
  5. Sacred Science
  6. Loading the Language
  7. Doctrine Over Person
  8. Dispensing of Existence

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