“Megaherz” Interview by Keith Clements

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, Such a honor to have the German Legends with us, how are you doing? How are things in the Megaherz World?

Everything´s fine. Thx.

You announced in January that you were heading into the Studio to work on a new album, how are things are going on that front? what is the current stage of the album process? are we going to see an album anytime soon? Hope to see it dropped soon, I love your material.

Thx. Yes, we are actually in the Studio and are working on our tenth album. The first songs are almost finished and they sound fucking awesome. I love this period in the arising of a new album, because you have the possibility of developing new sounds and moods! On our last records we also worked on new ways to make our music sound more brilliant and diversified. I hope we´ll drop this one as soon as possible, but right now, I´m not able to tell any release date at all.

Megaherz formed back in 1993 and had gone through some line-up changes along the way But has never lost the glory that you always had in Entertaining the fans, how do you feel about being the best?

Well, I don’t know if we are the best, but surely we do our best to create songs that get to the hearts of the people and stay in the mind of our fans for a long time . Not many bands can say that old songs like “Miststück” or “5. März” are as popular as our new songs like “Jagdzeit” and “Für immer”. At concerts, we pay attention to this and we always mix our old and new songs. I think, this is one aspect of our fans being loyal. Because we respect our history and we respect where we come from. But also, we don’t stand still and always work on our sound and music to become better.

Influences of Punk, Hip-Hop, Techno and Industrial metal mixed together is Megaherz. In some albums some of these genres has taken over more than other albums. Lately you have more of a hardcore, Industrial Metal vibe. The band has always been through changes in terms of music, would you like to say something about this?

Like I already said, every new album is a new experience. Of course, we always keep the Megaherz-Sound in mind. But we love to try new elements in our sound. I love to try new ways of expressing my voice. If you just listen to our last records „Heuchler”, „Götterdämmerung”, „Zombieland” and „Erdwärts” you’ll know it’s Megaherz, it sounds like Megaherz, but every single record is different. That´s important to us.

Have you ever thought of Performing with the band Rammstein, Since musically there is a connection?

To perform with such a great band would be an honour. But we played with other great bands like „Unheilig”, who are really big in Germany. I know, we’re not done yet. So anything is possible.

For the first time you are going to headline China covering 4 cities, how do you feel to make this tour happen? Do you have plans for any other Asian Countries?

We had a great time in China. There haven’t been many german-speaking bands there before – even Rammstein didn’t do a show in China yet. We were really excited before our trip and the chinese fans did not disappoint us. Heavy Metal is getting bigger and bigger in China and the Chinese people know how to rock.

The shows were loud, hot and we didn’t expect that many people to be there. We would love to come back to Asia.

You have made 9 Studio albums over the years, how do you feel about this accomplishment, do you feel you have your much deserved name out there on metal scene? What else musically would you like to accomplish?

Maybe we are older now but we are still hungry. I think, there is even more that Megaherz can give to music. I hope we will going on to be as successful as we have been the last twenty years. Maybe even more.

Deustche is not the language spoken around the world but lately the music has made people from Asia to speak German words, music has really made a lot of changes in the hearts of people, how do you feel about that?

It’s funny and irritating when people from different cultures and countries sing your songs in german. But it is always astonishing. German is a very difficult language and these people sing our songs in this foreign language because they love the music. Many fans say that they learned german because of our songs. That really makes me proud.

What/who are some of your Influences in your music? how Important are these influences? and have these influences helped make Megaherz phenomenal?

Well, I guess every musician is influenced by any music that surrounds him! I basically listen to a lot of american/english speaking music like Korn, In Flames, NIN, KSE, Rage Against the Machine… stuff like that.

Thanks for your time, really a pleasure to have this Interview with you, do you have a message for your fans around the world and the Global readers of our magazine?

Believe in your dreams even if they seem to be far away. If you believe in yourself everything is possible.

Keith Clements/MHF Magazine

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