Mitch Malloy continues to rock the night away burning the midnight oil! An Interview With The Legend

Mitch Malloy continues to rock the night away burning the midnight oil! After several years as the frontman for the iconic rock band Great White, Mitch returned to the studio writing and recording his new album, ‘THE LAST SONG.’

Once again, Mitch is undertaking an album solely by himself from start to finish – song writing, producing, instruments, mixing and mastering. Mitch reveals, “For this record, I have really taken my time. In the past, I’ve usually been on deadlines. With this album, there was so much material in my head from a few years of not having a true creative outlet, so it was a lot to process. I’m thankful that I have been in a position to not rush my creativity. I’ve been tucked away in my Zen zone writing and recording… and amassing lots of new gear! Ha!”

In addition to being an artist, Mitch is no stranger to the studio, and has worked with a variety of artists, labels, and brands from Taylor Swift, Boys Like Girls, Kenny Loggins, Craig Morgan, and Sony Music NY, to singer/songwriters Victoria Show, Gary Burr and Billy Falcon, and even voiceover work for Outdoor Channel, Field & Stream and many more. Mitch has even been the voice for Starburst candy! 

Mitch is also an award-winning songwriter, and has written with legendary songwriters like Jim Weatherly, Richard Lee, Mike Reid, Desmond Child, Dennis Morgan, Victoria Shaw and Gray Burr. He’s been signed to publishing deals with Warner Chappell and Chrysalis Music, but later launched his own publishing company to control his copyrights. Mitch loves the craft of songwriting… telling a story and resonating with his audience. “Songs are so powerful… it’s amazing just how much a song can impact a person’s life,” says Malloy. “Once again, life has delivered a lot of new material… from losing family members, to moving to the beach, to having a teenager. There’s definitely no shortage of inspiration!”

It was a great pleasure to have the Icon, a Legend Mitch Malloy on Metalheads Forever Magazine, Check out the amazing Mitch Malloy on the below YouTube for the complete coverage.


I’m Living in Paradise
One of a Kind
Using This Song
My Pleasure
Building a Bridge
I’ll Find a Way
Sometimes Love
You’re the Brightest Star
I See You
The Last Song

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