Interview with James Legion singer of Motograter:

Motograter, named after their highly technical signature instrument, is about to release their 2nd full length album Desolation. Legions had been waiting since 1995 for the self-titled debut in 2003 and now, 13 years later, even more people are anticipating the new work due out early 2017. You recruited Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino, ex-Machine Head) to produce the work and help modernize Motograter without losing your classic sound. What has it been like working with Ahrue? Do you feel as though you’ve achieved the sound you initially had in mind going into the studio?

I do feel as though we accomplished everything we set out to accomplish musically . The new album is heavy and often gritty but also has a great deal of melody to it. It is a beautiful disaster and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The first thing I noticed when I listened to the lyrics in your new single “Parasite” is betrayal, disloyalty, and perhaps addiction. Why did you write these lyrics? Is the song based on personal experiences?

That song, like every other song I have written is very much rooted in personal experience. I will not be so bold as to tell you exactly what it is about however. In my opinion it is better left for the listener to decide what a song means to them.

I read in an interview you did back in May in which you mentioned that SouthEast Idaho’s Rock and Metal Festival was one of the most memorable shows to date. Cage9 also played the festival. Now a few months later you are labelmates. How did you first get in touch with EMP? Was it a coincidence you shared the stage with them that night or was something already in the works with EMP Label Group?

That was a coincidence. They are a great band though and we are happy to be label mates. As far as how we got in touch with EMP… that was telepathy.

In order to signify the new era of Motograter red paint was adapted into your distinguishable tribal body markings. Thereby visually underscoring the band’s passionate performance. What has the road been like with Dope and Flaw the last few weeks? What date stands out so far as one for the record books?

Touring with Dope was great. One of the best tours we have ever done if you ask me. I think my favorite show from that tour would have to be the sold out show we did at the Machine shop. I love that place.

Besides releasing Desolation, are there any other plans in the pipeline for you in 2017

Funny you should ask… as a matter of fact we are planning a HUGE cd release party on the surface of our home planet… Mars.


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