“Nazaroth” is a black metal project by two young men from Poland. They are so talented and already there is a single out on YouTube named “Vrath” . We had this opportunity to Interview these guys. They are energetic and full of power like their music. Let’s get into deep what they got to say to us about them and the future of “Nazaroth”.

naza-2Q1: Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, How are you today?

Eredin: Hello! We are fine and busy at the moment. I have started my second year of studies in Warsaw.

Carnivean: Hail, Like Eredin said we are busy ,Lately I got a full time job to save some money. Everything is fine and I’m happy about it, Especially about Nazaroth, which has surprisingly grown in to a serious project. I didn’t expect it that fast. [laugh]

Q2: Can you tell us about your band, and how it was formed?

C: We are Nazaroth and actually we are not a band (we live in different cities),rather a studio project, but someday we will start playing live. Well, I had the idea of starting a band in my mind for a quite a long time. You know, I’ve played in many different bands before, but it was to be honest just a shit. I wanted to play what I want, what I liked and what I loved. I love black metal and I wanted to create something on my own, so I started to write music that I dreamed to play. 8months ago Eredin posted an ad somewhere on the internet that he is looking for someone to make music with. So I didn’t wait and sent him a demo version of “Vrath” and some other songs I had composed. Soon we created Nazaroth.

E:Yeah,for the first I was like hmmm let’s check those songs. After I played those demos I was like “Wow this guy makes music I like, let’s try”. So we became a project.

Q3: “Nazaroth” must be the Polish word meaning “Nazareth” am I right?

E: No no, our name has nothing in common with city “Nazareth” or the famous band.

C: Like Eredin said. It has also nothing common with “Nargaroth”.

Q4: Why did you chose this name, is there anything behind the band name?

C: Actually nothing hides in our name, it came shortly before I met Eredin that I would like to have a band/project with such name. I just liked how it sounded.

E: The funny thing is that there is also another “Nazaroth” from Indonesia and they also play black metal.

Q5: I know that you are in the studio making your debut album, when it is expected?

E: Well it’s hard to say at this moment ,we were supposed to be releasing the album right at the moment, but due to some problems we have to postpone the recordings for the fall. But I guess if everything will be ok, it will be ready by the end of December and then we may look for the label, so I guess like in January/February it should come out.

C: Not everything depends from us, so we have to conform to the different situations. We wanted to release our material sooner, but it turned out impossible.

Q6: I listened to your Single “Vrath” sounds awesome, good work guys?

C: Thanks, really nice that you like it especially when it’s our first song which is totally different. The upcoming songs will have more aggression, speed and will be definitely better produced, but when writing I tried my best to not lose the sound of gloom and mystery of “Vrath”.

E: Thank you , we hope that next songs will be better than ” Vrath” and you will also like them.

Q7: What will be the theme of your songs, most of the Black metal songs are about Satan and against Christianity?

C: Well, what I can tell now about the theme of our songs is that the new songs will be telling the story about a man who gets possessed by evil demons. There will be also a theme referred to apocalypse of the world. So summing up there will be something about evil side of religion and it’s corruption, about the evil and apocalyptical vision of the world. Generally black metal doesn’t have to be about evil/Satan. I will let Eredin speak about it.

E: As we all know a typical black metal band refers to evil/Satan, but still in my opinion black metal doesn’t have to be strictly about Satan. For example let’s look at some depressive black metal where the music tells us about sadness, depression, anger generally negative feelings, Or pagan black metal, where the bands usually refer to pagan gods and old traditions.

naza-1Q8: How long have you been making music, did you perform anywhere?

E: Well the first part of the question goes to Carnivean he knows better. No, we did not perform anywhere.

C: To write material for our debut album took me like 2 months? Yeah, something like that. And for our single “Vrath”? Shit it was like a few days? The idea of the main theme of “Vrath” came out of nowhere in seconds and I just put it with simple riff and simplest beat and it sounds awesome just like you said. [laugh] Material for our debut album required much more work on it so I spend much more time on thinking how to do it to make it sound good. And the effect is good, I hope that you’ll like it. However before “Nazaroth” I’ve been working on my own music for quite a long time. My first songs were awful. As Eredin said we didn’t perform our music anywhere but we hope that we will do it in the future.

Q9: Who are your influences to start the band, what are your favorite bands?

C: When we were creating “Nazaroth” our inspirations were mostly Dark Fortress/ Behemoth. I love the dark, grievous sound of Dark Fortress and power, aggression of Behemoth combined with harsh satanic sound. That’s what the music I write is going to be. My favorite bands are : Behemoth, Dark Fortress, Begerith, Dark Funeral and Gorgoroth.

E: As far as I am concerned I have similar taste as Carnivean and I would add bands like : Outre, Watain, Blaze of Perdition, Thaw, Mephorash, Au-Dessus and Akhlys.

Q10: Would you like to tell us more about the band and the Projects?

E: There will be some guest appearances also on our debut album, my friend Shaman from band the “Soundfear” will lay some “shamanic” vocals which will add great atmosphere. Also my friend Thom who will record the guitars and bass for the album (Carnivean doesn’t have good enough equipment to record so we asked my friend to do it).

C: The next thing that I would like to mention is that our debut album will be revamped, mixed and mastered by Arkadiusz “Aro” Jabłoński from Monroe Studio. Who is a really good music producer and engineer. Also it’s important to mention that all the illustrations for our debut album were done by Sławek from Grindhouse Studio. He really did a good work.

Q11: Thanks for this Interview, a pleasure to spend this time with you, Wishing you all the best.

E,C : Thanks man too from both of us. Hope you will like our future music! Cheers!!

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