Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, tell us how you are doing today?

-We’re doing very well.

Null1 might be new to many metalheads, would you please introduce yourselves and the band?

There’s just two of us Ariel Or and Idov Shai. We basically share the load on the instrumentation, Ariel Does the vocals.

14409136_172260223180330_427576341_nTell us why the name Null1? and how did it all started?

We wanted a name that was with contrast or in conflict. Just like something pretty and something ugly together (Like having black & white, Flowers and thorns etc.). We played together in the past in a band and wanted to start something new. So Idov asked me if I wanted to start a new project that was more electronic based but still heavy and with a metal touch and we just rolled from there.

Any plans for a full -length album in the near future?

We’re doing it right now. We’re adding three more songs to the Ep (Vol. 1) these days. And right after that we’ll start on Vol. 2 their basically full length albums.

What are the bands that influenced you?

We are influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Skinny Puppy, David Bowie, Bauhaus, Nirvana, Nick Cave, Deftones, Iggy pop & The velvet underground (just to name a few…).

Do you brand yourself a heavy metal band or are you play in a mix of styles?

We’re defiantly influenced by Industrial music and we are influenced by a lot of metal bands, Bur We wouldn’t brand ourselves in a particular way but it is generally heavy music.

How often do you guys tour around in Support of the band?

We haven’t tour yet. We’ve just been making music for the last five month.

Do you play around your town or have you played anywhere outside your city or country?

Like we said: not yet.

Would you be Interested to tell more about the fans about the band? If so you can educate the metal heads about yourselves.

Just pay attention to us, we’re going to release a lot more music very soon.

Do you have any message for the metalheads around the world?

We hope you enjoy listening to us.

Keith Clement “Metalheads forever magazine”

Owner of METALHEADS FOREVER and Co-Owner/Writer for Metalheads Forever Magazine/Media Corp.


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